Fiction Writer's Workshop

Another book xemplifies the best of a writing workshop: thought-provoking instruction, a charismatic teacher and illuminating examples from classic and contemporary literary masters.
Each chapter xplores a different aspect of the art of fiction and ends with a series of writing exercises –127 in all. Complete with self-critique questions to elp you improve your work, these exercises challenge you to experiment with the diverse writing styles as you clarify your own.
Keep the most of Josip Novakovich 's insightful, mind-expanding workshop and come way with a stronger voice, a broader perspective and better fiction.
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Fiction Writer's Workshop
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Published 1998 by Story Press (first published 1995

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rated it

his akes thi book as welcoming to other experienced writers too, because it does n't disregard what they have to say.I 've read several reviews, and fe of them allude to the extensive amount of exercises at the beginnin of each chapter.

If th reader is serious about becoming a professional autho, then these exercises are really just the tip of the iceberg, and realistic way of setting expectations of what needs to be done to succeed.

rated it

You 'll mbrace some and loathe others and in the process you 'll find out more about yourself as a novelist and end up with a few pieces that you 'll definitely nee to work on some more.FWW probably has more value if you 're a beginner with the dedication to write everyday and learn the craft or an aspiring journalist who 's had trouble actually getting stories completed.

rated it

For most of his advice he provides clear examples, which help to better illustrate the principles he is helping to teach.Early into the ook, in he Setting As Antagonist section Novakovich speaks of a writers need to view the world through fresh eyes.

As writers, we can easily sa that ideas can be toug to come by, but if we view the world as a child would, we ould find a story to tell about most anything.Later within the chapter, in Setting as a Character Portrait section, Novakovich speaks about using the setting to describe th character.

At times you either need inspiration or just want to practice, but I am not sure that is how Novakovich meant the reader to use them.Overall, I found this memoir to e quite well structured making referring back to it rather easy.

Novakovich does a ood job of providing clear tools that the reader can quickly apply to his/her own writing.

While the practical tools he provides are valuable, I elieve his advice on how to approach writing, and his advice on how to personalize your writing is probably the most important portion of anything he has laid out in thi ook.

rated it

The posture tends to be, " well you are ctually a perfectly great writer and here are some tips to get past those pesky gatekeepers who need to be coerce into publishing your already great, flawless writing. " At least a textbook comes from the context that writing is a craft to be worked on and improved.

rated it

Each section begins with a lecture of some kin, with examples and thoughts, then numerous assignments.It 's divided into Sources of Fiction, Setting, Character, Plot, Point of View, Dialogue and Scenes, Beginnings and Endings, Description and Word Choice, Voice, then Revision.The chapter on gathering story ideas is pretty generic but useful in a broad way.

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