Finding Truth: 5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes

Christianity Has the Resources to Address Intellectual and Cultural Issues. Do You?

Christians can feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of competing worldviews in today ’ s pluralistic, multicultural society. Thankfully, you don ’ t have to memorize a different questio to answer every new issue. nstead, you can master a single line of defense, grounded in Scripture, that applies to any theory. In Romans, Paul reveals the strategy for defending the Christian message in a pluralistic culture where many are hearing it for the fifth time.

Total Apologetics is the real-world training manual that equips you to confidently address issues you ’ ll face in the lassroom, workplace, and popular culture.
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Published March 1st 2015 by David C. Cook

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When I first came across Nancy Pearcey in 2007 it was through her ground breaking book Total Truth.

When I finished reading Total Truth I came to the agonizing conclusion that this was a rare nstance of a disciple being above her master.

Thereafte, her approach to apologetics has soul because, as you read through the pages of Finding Truth, you ca n't help but realize that she is n't writing from the vantage point of a casual observer but has had real world experiences that have shaped and influenced who she is and the way in which she writes.To avoid rehashing the entire book ( which I could easily do because I get excited when writing about this) I 'll alway say that her approach looks at five key principles found in Romans 1 which demonstrate that any deviation from truth is idolatry and that the error can be exposed for what it is by fully understanding what Paul is describing.Those familiar with Pearcey will be disappointed to now that she takes the reader on one of her magical tours of philosophy to expose the origin of those beliefs that we subconsciously hold.

Thi essay is full of useful citations and includes a very practical study guide that readers woul find useful a they read through the book.I would recommend memoi to everyone who ruly desires to see those captives set free from their attachment to the empty deceit found in so much of the philosopher and world view of our time.This book will be particularl seful for those about to enter college or for a part a homeschool curriculum for those in their final year.

I shoul n't wan to grab th book first if your church or small group is interested in doing a study on apologetics.Click here to purchase a copy of Finding Truth on Christian Books or Here to Search the Best Price on AmazonThis review first appeared on my websit at http: // of Material Connection: I received his book free from David C.

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For example this book goe on evolutionary epistemology: " The fac is that the ideas in our minds were selected for their survival value, not for their truth-value. " So the popularity of an idea is not necessarily proportional to its truth value.

By extension, it give the dea of evolutionary epistemology false, and thus self-contradictory.

Evolutionary epistemology commits suicide. " The same method is used to discredit the brain: " " Our highly developed brains, after all, were not evolved under the pressure of discovering scientific truths but only to enable us to be clever enough to survive. " But that means Crick 's own theory is not a " scientific truth. " Applied to itself, the theory commits suicide. " No distinction is made on " not necessarily true " and " false ".

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Finding Truth, by Nancy Pearcey is another fine contribution that deserves to be read.

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That is an updated version of thi.

It ’ s a much better version.

My thought about a rose is not.

Mental states, further, are always* about* something.For the coup de gras, Pearcey quotes the pious and right-thinking Thomas Reid: “ we may call this metaphysical lunacy. ” Principle# 3: Secular Leaps of FaithPrinciple# 4: Why Worldviews Commit SuicidePrinciple# 5: Freeloading AtheistsPearcey has some good suggestions on dealing with teens and young adults who have “ left the faith. ” If they didn ’ t leave because they are sexually loose or angry at their parents, they probably left because “ the Church couldn ’ t answer their questions. ” At his point start asking them which god they believe in.

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How wil we as Christians express the truth of God that are not “ pie in the sky ” answers to world that denies His truth?

Obviousl you reading this and do not subscribe to a world view.

When faced with a living God we either humble ourselves or acknowledge him or we in fear, dread or plain pride deny Him. Another question that is communicate is do we have responsibility to the truth?

( page 19) We are given 5 steps to propose a biblical alternative to secular and pagan worldviews.Identify the Idol-what or who is put before the worship of God. Identify the Idol ’ s reductionism – always leads to a lower view of human lifeTest the Idol: Does it contradict what we think about the world?

pplying a world view to its own standard of truth and does it commit suicide.

World view always sets us up in bondage.

Christianity provides the context to all world views.

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