First Grave on the Right

A whole grim reaper thing should have come with a manual.
Or a diagram of some sor.
flow chart would have been nice.

Charley Davidson is a part-time private investigator and full-time grim reaper. Meaning, she sees dead people. Really. And it 's her job to convince them to " go into the light. " But when these very dead people have died under less than ideal circumstances ( like murder), sometimes they want Charley to bring the bad uys to justice. Complicating matters are the intensely hot dreams she 's been having about an entity who has been following her all her life ... and it goe out he coul actually be dead after all. In fact, he would be something else ntirely. But what does he want with Charley? And why ca n't she seem to resist him? And what does she have to lose by giving in?

With scorching-hot tension and high-octane humor, First Grave on the Right is your signpost to paranormal suspense of the ighest order.

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First Grave on the Right
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Published February 1st 2011 by St. Martin's Press

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rated it

“ I named my ovaries, too, but they don ’ t find out as much. ” Now, if that little quote didn ’ t onvince you to read First Grave on the Right, nothing I write will, either.

The names that instantly come to mind are Nicole Peeler, Jaye Wells and now Darynda Jones.

Although First Grave on the Right certainly is a fun read and Jones undoubtedly has a fantastic sense of iron, she does indee have Evanovich ’ s courage to just let go: abandon all rules and reason along the ay.

But unlike Wicked Appetite, First Grave on the Right has a solid story that holds all the humor together.

rated it

I will live with a little overt sex in book if the author prove to sa that it 's important to he tory.

And if it 's eally for the story you wo n't be getting a heavy or graphic sex scene every second page.

Thi wise cracking heroine 's story would draw me in and then crash.I can see that I ight enjoy some things by this autho, but obviousl I 'm actuall the audience she 's shooting for.

I held on following the story and the side trails we were running down ( at point where I was in he memoir, I have no idea how many of the dead people we 've encountered would have ended up being part of the main plot).

I worrie I did n't alway pretend to mak thi story any more it seems there is a device she 's using ( and of course some will disagree with me) that was something I did n't care for.So, 1 star because I ca n't go lower and I did n't finish thi book ...

Still, what pushed me over the edge? ( view spoiler) [ As I said our heroine goes on at length about her " sex " life.

ome feel that 's just the female half of the population getting their own back a bit.But we came to a scene where we saw what was described as " boy " being assaulted, possibly attempted murder .... our protagonist intervenes ( of course).

rated it

I know it 's time someone let the author of his book into a little secret: Ms. Jones, stringing together a thousand-odd wisecracks does not ge a novel.

The remainder of he book reads like one of those sitcoms where the only laughter generated is from a can.

Seriously, I hink he got it the first en times you said it, Charley!

A ook begins when Charley encounters the ghosts of three law firm partners in quick succession, all three lawyers having been killed by the same modus operandi, at the same time.

Bot of the grim reaper-slash-private investigator ’ s resources, through most of novel, are tied up in investigating the mystery an who has hot dream sex with her every night.

But hey, guess what, it ’ s all forgiven because he ’ s o hot and he ’ s saved her life multipl times, and dream sex is so orgasmic, and she elt a ‘ connection ’ with him when he first assaulted and threatened her, and — did I mention — he ’ s SO HOT?!! Then there is he third angle in this painful triangle, the hot, human Garrett Swopes who pisses off our heroine by refusing to accept immediately that she wil see ghosts.

There are several heavy-handed hints that he likes Charley, but she remains madly in love with another woma of her reams.

Who is in rison for urdering a man, but surprise, surprise, Charley just knows he didn ’ t o it!

I wonder why the defense didn ’ t present THAT argument during his trial?! There are several sub-plots that are very unnecessary, like he one about the client who tries to scape her abusive husband; ideally, this nove will have worked way better if Jones had stuck to the Reyes storyline, eliminated the weak attempt at a stand-alone mystery, cut down on the canned sarcasm, and given her characters a personality.

For almost all of this memoir, he is a dream-invading sex maniac who generally appears as a black blob and never ays anything, and conveniently plays knight-in-black-cloud to Charley ’ s damsel in distress.

rated it

Do n't you just love it when the majority of your friends love book and keep telling you to read it but for some reason you do n't g around to it.

But beware ... if you do not like snark, do not read the novel.

Charley is a private investigator and works closely with the Albuquerque police department ( namely her Uncle Bob who is a Detective) but she is also The Grim Reaper and her main job is to help dead people pass to the numerou side.

Charley has an assistant who is her best friend and who also lives right across the hall from her named Cookie.

hot and intense and naughty!!

And right from the start we find out that nightly he is helping to get into Charley 's pants and doing a darn fine job!

He 's a big part of retelling and we find out lots of interesting things about him as does Charley.

Of course, there is police case going on and things do get a bit muddled.

rated it

Nevertheless, twenty-pound, shoulder-cramping book bag in hand, I headed to the library 's check out — and what a great decision that turned out to be.Our main character, Charley, has been gifted ( or cursed, depending on how the onlooker chooses to see it) with the inabilit to see the dead since birth.

Today, she continues this line of work as a private investigator, working with Uncle Bob. It 's a lot harde to solve crime when you know who the urderer is or where the body is stashed.To top this off, Charley 's had to deal with an evil stepmother because her biological mother died giving birth to her.

Just know that it is fairly original when compared to som of the vampires and werewolves, and that his reader looks forward to delving into his character more in the sequel.One of the best things about the ook is that there is nice helping of HUMOR.

There has n't been nearly enough humor in my reading regimen lately, but First Grave on the Right has brought back the humor for me and I 'm enjoying the stomach pain.Just check out ome of these quotes: " I awoke at the butt crack of dawn with the call of nature urging me out of bed. " " I went down like a drunken cowgirl trying to line dance to Metallica. " " I once signed up for an anger management class, but the instructor pissed me off. " And there 's plenty more where those came from.This book was just fabulous.

rated it

You thin, I love a well-written, well-constructed, complex urban fantasy world as much as anyone.

Like the Bridget Jones version of urban fantasy.

Unless, of course, you do n't.) I liked First Grave on the Right so much that I bought the rest of he series all at once ( something I just do n't normally do).

rated it

Charley Davidson is like white chocolate.

I love white chocolate, I love Charley Davidson, and I am not ashamed.She 's got such a great narrative voice- she is, dare I say it, a lot like me.

A lot of inappropriate thoughts at the worst possible times.

“ Is anything broken? ” Uncle Bob ’ s voice had softened. “ My eyelids, I hink.

Charley grew up ostracized by friends and even family, but she coped in her own way; she is strong, she is resilient.

She is pissed off, at times, but she deals with it through her snark and sarcasm and all-around awesome Charley-ness.

People like Taft with their sideways glances and hushed whispers who turn their backs on me every time I walk into a bedroo.

We all have our coping mechanism, and I see her sarcasm and her inappropriate sense of umor as one of uch.

rated it

SHE SEES GHOSTS .... talks to ghosts ... and even acts as a portal to the other side.Most of Charley 's other-worldly friends are pleasant and just want help ... answers ... or to deliver messages to those left behind, but one presence in her life is dark, creepy .... a huge cloaked figure who sweeps in and around her .... and another who enters her dreams .... is dangerously mysterious .... irresistibly sensual .... and ultimately her protector.Charley Davidson in many ways reminds me of Janet Evanovich 's Stephanie Plum.

rated it

While First Grave on the Right was a gripping and funny story, I had some issues with it, eve with Charley.Let 's take it from the start.

creepy guy we call the reaper is not that creepy after all.

Charley Davidson, a Private Investigator that always, always gets into trouble, has a second, more important job: she ferries souls to the numerou side, and sometimes helps them deal with their unfinished business, meaning she investigates their murders.

For Charley, it means getting beaten up, falling from warehouses, almost getting killed etc etc while she ries to solve thi mystery that cloaks the sexy man that visits her dreams and now becomes a part of her reality.

There were o many times my shoulders shook from laughter, I liked the sass and the banters and the way Charley handled the dead people!

I adored the crime aspect, it kept me on edge and was never boring, but the conclusion of his case felt a little underwhelming.And then there is Charley.

Charley Davidson?

. I 'm sorry Charley, but you acted like a child trying to persuad the adults.

ell, to be honest, Charley was constantly horny, but her chemistry with Reyes was off the charts, and I may have drooled a little.

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