Fixing to Die

Mystery shopper Josie Marcus has been happily married to veterinarian Ted Scottsmeyer for months. But her newly wedded bliss is about to be cut short ....

Josie and Ted have finally finishe the knot, and they ’ re ready for thi next step: buying a house. Ted ’ s business partner, Christine, has one she ’ s able to sell, but it needs a lot of ove. Fortunatel, the newlyweds are up for challenge.

But when they tear down a rickety gazebo in the backyard, they realiz he body of Christine ’ s daughter, a free spirit who supposedly took off six months before. The police arrest Christine for murder, leaving Ted to work overtime at the office to cover for his partner. With no time to work on the house or be with her stepfather, Josie will have to understand real killer quickly, before both her house and marriage are beyond repair ....

Includes Shopping Tips!
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Published November 5th 2013 by NAL (first published November 1st 2013

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Another is a quick, fun, read, with lots of St. Louis flavor.

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http: // ... Brought to you by guest reviewer Mary C.This installment in Mystery Shopper series finds Josie happily married and determined to find just the right house for her daughter Amelia and husband Joe. Meanwhile, she ’ s actuall having much luck until Ted ’ s partner in their vet business, Dr. Christine Dillon Cormac, offers to sell them a home she owns that was recently vacated by her hippie sister Rain.

That was despite Betty also mentioning having to call the police on several of Rain ’ s girlfriend who battered her.We don ’ t have much of Josie mystery shopping in this novel.

She is also assigned one other mystery shopping job involving midcentury items.

I ould have wanted to see more of the shopping as this provides some funny entertainment and insight into retail.A subplot involves Josie ’ s daughter Amelia and three of her friends who are bullied at the prestigious Barrington school they attend.

Amelia and one of the other girls who was bullied set out to prove several of the popular girls in school are the suspect.

Their solution to the bullying was interesting and state-of-the-art.Meanwhile, Josie decides to nvestigate he kidnappin and begins questioning the neighbors.

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Mystery shopper Josie Marcus ’ dream of happily-ever-after has finally come true by marrying Ted Scottsmeyer, a well-respected vet in town.

Ready for he challenge, the newlyweds close the deal and begin the renovation on their stylish mid-century home.Amid the deconstruction of a hazardous gazebo lies the body of Christine ’ s estranged sister Rain.

With Ted ’ s taxing schedule keeping him away from home, it falls on Josie ’ s shoulders to find he urderer and stop the bully.

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Elaine Viets returns with he latest ook in the Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper series, Fixing to Die. Fixing to Die is the sixteenth ook in he series and finds lead character Josie finally, happily married to her Veterinarian husband Ted and looking for new home of their family.

Fans of he series will see less mystery shopping in this one, but more focus on Josie 's life and her family, as ell as, her sleuthing skills.

She as such a efreshing character in tha tal and I felt she added a lot to this book.There is n't much mystery shopping in this one, as he focus is more on Josie and Ted 's new life and the elationship between them and Amelia.

Readers got to focus a little les on Josie 's sleuthing as well.

rated it

Then this tale revolves around a fairy-tale house which she has just bought from Dr. Christine Cormac, the vet who is a partner with Josie ’ s new usband, 6 ’ tall Dr. Ted ( their marriage is new enough that she actuall thinks of it in terms of days, now numbering 44 as the ook opens), in his St. Louis Mobo-Pet clinic.

Soon Josie finds herself thinking “ If it wasn ’ t for that body in the backyard of our new house, my life will be perfect.

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