Flat Broke with Two Goats

beautifu memoir of one oman ’ s unexpected journey from country chic to backwoods barnyard

ust as Great Recession was easing in some parts of he country, Jennifer McGaha experienced an economic crisis of epic proportions. Her home was in foreclosure; she had$ 4.57 in the bank; and worst of ll, she had recently discovered that she and her accountant husband owed four years of back taxes to the state of North Carolina and the IRS. And then things got really bad…

Flat Broke with Two Goats takes readers on a wild adventure from a Cape Cod-style home in the country to a hundred-year-old, mice-infested, snake-ridden cabin in th North Carolina holler. With self-effacing humor and unflinching onesty, Jennifer chronicles the joys and difficulties of living close to nature, and in the process she comes to realiz the true meaning of home.
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Published January 23rd 2018 by Sourcebooks

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rated it

How can you resist a emoir with the title Flat Broke With Two Goats?

Do n't read Flat Broke With Two Goats if you 're goin for typical story about family caught in a foreclosure precipitated by the 2008 financial crisis.

And do n't read Flat Broke With Two Goats if you 're afraid of spider.

rated it

This author admittedly shared that her kids attended private schools, she ived in a eautiful home, threw large decadent dinner parties, owned 5 dogs, But .... Her ACCOUNTANT husband admitted ( one night in bed) that he didn ’ t have enough money LEFT OVER to pay their taxes for 4 month.


Besides the costs of private schools for 3 kids- where the tuition goes up every year- the Financial responsibility of caring for five dogs it ’ s not cheap.So — yes- this family was FLAT BROKE — and this emoir is absorbing.

I ontinued to listen to the trials and tribulations ..... Their solution was foreclosure.

rated it

Another creative writing faux pas sometimes.But overall it was a delightfu, inspirational read of a ma who wa to ome to terms with the onsequences of living way above their means, and hen came crushing down when things went seriously sour.She blamed her husband, he was in charge of the finances, she aid.

She preferred, however, to blame her kind and caring husband who worked 18 hours a day to make ends meet.

I felt connected to her tal, since we live through the same era and experience the same pains.

Her experiences in her first marriage scared the living daylights out of me.

I liked her experiences with the remote lifestyle, the animals, the chicken, and their new-found discoveries of an old, but to them, new lifestyle out in the sticks.

I ad no much fun with Jennifer 's experiences.

:-)) Oh there are not any of those.I loved Jennifer 's honesty, or can I say, limited honesty, for it is a boo after all.

There are real identifiable people involved.

Basically, she taught her reader how to create a dollop of humor to hardships, and it worked.

She lso taught her reader the magic of friendship between husband and son.

rated it

Tha autobiography as the choice for my local library " Big Read ".

Nobody asked me, but I would prefer actual literature to be read and discussed within libraries.This is a sort of Riches-to-Rags cautionary tale.

Stac writes in detail about their naiveness and googling everything from what to feed goats to how to milk them.

It is both witt and enlightening to read about the goats.

rated it

But as for McGaha 's story?

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