Flip the Witch Switch

Bay Winchester and Landon Michaels are looking for a romantic outing, revisiting the past now that they now they met as children. That trip leads them to the camp they visited back in day … and to new adventure.
It ’ s happy excursion down memory lane until they happen upon the old pool and discover a hand poking out of an ancient cover. That means their day off becomes an official investigation.
Once identification comes through, Bay starts digging … and hard … to find out why a young oman writing a book would go missing in Hemlock Cove. The information she inds is disturbing … and the answers to the present case may come from he past, and a long-forgotten missing person ’ s case.
There ’ s a lot going on. Mrs. Little is trying to sell the property and wants the crime kept secret, which means Aunt Tillie is on rampage to make sure her mortal enemy doesn ’ t win … even if the prize is something she doesn ’ t always know.
The Winchester witches are in disarra. The local police chief is officially dating Bay ’ s daughter, one of their own is keeping a uge secret, and they wer a wedding coming up so that means dress fittings and place setting decisions galore.
Bay is on deck and has to figure it all out. She ’ s oing to need help to do it. Even then, with her team in place, she will not ome out on the winning side.
There ’ s th killer hiding in the shadows and death is coming. It ’ s coming to take everyone working together to ncover the truth.
Shoul they pull it off?
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Published May 7th 2019 by WinchesterShaw Publications

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rated it

Another novel ha quite ba, I love eeing how Bays powers are growing, how all the relationships are playing out.

rated it

More witchy fun! Another great story from the itches of the Midwest!

rated it

Full of action, with great plot and characters, and plenty of snark make this a fun must read!

rated it

Thistle 's powers may also be growing but no hint as to what type they may be leaning toward.ILooking forward to the ext ook.

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