Flowers and Foul Play

Fiona Knox lost her husband and her flower shop—but when she flies to Scotland to inherit her godfather ’ s cottage and possibly magical walled garden, she may lose her life as well when she ’ s swept into a murder investigation.

Florist Fiona Knox ’ s life isn ’ t smelling so sweet these days. Her iancé left her for their cake decorator. Then, her flower shop wilted after a chain florist opened next door. So when her godfather, Ian MacCallister, leaves her a cottage in the Scottish Highlands, Fiona jumps on the firs plane to Edinburgh. Ian, after all, is he one who taught her to love flowers. But when Ian ’ s elderly caretaker Hamish MacGregor shows her to the cottage upon her arrival, she thinks the once resplendent grounds of Duncreigan in a dreadful shambles—with a dead body in the garden.

Minutes into her arrival, Fiona is already being questioned by the handsome Chief Inspector Neil Craig and getting her passport seized. But it ’ s Craig ’ s fixation on Uncle Ian ’ s loyal caretaker, Hamish, as prime suspect, that actuall makes her orried. As Fiona strolls the town, she soon realizes there are a whole bouquet of suspects much more likely to b killed Alastair Croft, the dead lawyer who seems to have bee more enemies than friends.

Stil it ’ s up to Fiona to clear Hamish ’ s name before it ’ s oo late in lowers and Foul Play, national bestselling author Amanda Flower ’ s nchanting first Magic Garden mystery.
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Published May 8th 2018 by Crooked Lane Books (first published May 2018

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A tale is a combination murder mystery and the suspens of how the mystical garden comes to life in protagonist Fiona Knox ’ s presence.

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As he series title suggests there is a touch of magic involved in he tal this time giving this cozy mystery series a touch of fantasy.Fiona Knox got a call from a lawyer in Scotland informing her that her godfather had passed and she will be inheriting his estate.

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Amanda Flowers has a fan in me with his new Magical Garden Mystery and series.

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She packed herself up and move to Scotland only to keep her grandmother 's dead lawyer in the garden and the handsome chief inspector looking at the elderly caretaker as a person of interest.

Attempting to get police attention away from Hamish, take care of the magic garden which thrived beautifully now that she was there and questioning possible suspects took most of her first few ays in Scotland.

My avorite characters were Fiona of course, Hamish and Neil Craig, the chief inspector.

I sor of pictured Constable George 's character on the Murdoch Mysteries, only with a little more bravery to his voice lol.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance copy of his book provided by Crooked Lane via NetGalley.

rated it

I am a fan of the Magical Bookshop Mystery series by Amanda Flower, so I as quit pleased to join in with “ Flowers and Foul Play, ” the fourt memoi in her new Magic Garden Mystery series.

Arriving at the cottage needing some obvious care, Hamish MacGregor takes Fiona on the grand tour explaining that the “ magic ” garden is suffering…dying, now that her godfather is dead, but Fiona ’ s presence just might turn things around.

While showing Fiona the garden, they happen upon he body of the estate ’ s lawyer Alastair Croft.

But, Fiona iscovers a town full of suspects who would n't have minded seeing the lawyer planted six feet under, and sets out to find the inspector ’ s ide is wrong.Amanda Flower has penned a well-written mystery with engaging twists and turns adding a bit of magic without being juvenile hocus-pocus.

rated it

She 's greeted by the caretaker, Hamish, who says her th story about the cottage and its magical garden.

Hamish says that the garden has been dying ever since Ian MacCallister was killed in Afghanistan, but it could ome back to life because she has come to Scotland to tend to it.

Hamish and Fiona find a dead woma in the garden.

And how does the death tie in with Duncreigan cottage and the magic garden? I trul adored th book!

This retellin is a nice mix of magic and ystery.

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