Flying Lessons & Other Stories

Whether it is basketball dreams, family fiascos, first crushes, or new neighborhoods, this bold anthology—written by the best children ’ s authors—celebrates the uniqueness and universality in all of us.

In thi partnership with We Need Diverse Books, industry giants Kwame Alexander, Soman Chainani, Matt de la Peña, Tim Federle, Grace Lin, Meg Medina, Walter Dean Myers, Tim Tingle, and Jacqueline Woodson join newcomer Kelly J. Baptist in a story collection that is als umorous as it is heartfelt. This impressive group of authors has earned among them every major award in children ’ s publishing and popularity as New York Times bestsellers.

From these distinguished authors come ten distinct and vibrant stories.
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Stories for All of Us
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Published January 3rd 2017 by Crown Books for Young Readers

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I ’ m ot surprised I could read* a* book in one sitting, but nthologies are not my thing.

In total, I may have – may have – read two or three others in entire life, and there isn ’ t one I read from beginning to end, without skipping at least two short stories.That ’ s because anthologies= multiple authors= multiple writing styles.

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Flying Lessons& Other Stories includes a variety of characters — from different backgrounds, disabilities, ethnicities, sexualities.

Twelve-year-old Merci Suarez is helping her father out with at his work the summer before entering her first year at “ fancy Seaward Pines School. ” Her science loving brother, Roli, is also helping out.

I ha also left wanting more of Jacqueline Woodson 's writing, so I 've gotte to et her books into my hands very soon! Oh, and mayb to get you an excerpt, here 's one of my avorite passages from the story: “ Last winter the snow fell so long and rose so high, my father hired a man from Keene to plow it.

About a year ago, Santosh ’ s sixty-nine-year-old nani informed ( not tol) that she would take him on a three-week trip across Europe.

And yesterday, on our irst night in Spain, I dressed up in a suit and combed my hair so I ’ d look nice for the “ theater, ” no to end up cowering in the front row at an adults-only burlesque. ” But I ended up liking her so much les than expected, particularly after this next passage: “ Did you take Mom away too when she was young? ” I ask later, struggling to crack a stone crab at dinner. “ Your mother is like your fathe, ” Nani says vaguely, already finished shelling and eating hers. “ What ’ s that mean? ” I say, trying to brin the slippery crab in the silver cracker. “ They ’ d rather stay home and do work. ” “ Yeah, but that ’ s how they both make money— ” “ And what do they o with it? ” Nani fires.

“ What good is money to a bird in a cage? ” That last sentence left me speechless.Since this was the title story and my irst read by Chainani, I was very excited to say the least.

I loved her.I appreciate her so much that I eed to share this next dialogue, because with one final sentence she managed to shift my whole point of view: “ Do you know why I brought you on rip, Santosh? ” “ So you ca get away from Grandpa? ” She lets out a cackle.

Nani notices how receiving those awards year after year does n't make Santosh happy as it used to do, and maybe she offers up some really useful advice that I cam to heart.And as if his story couldn ’ t et any more hearts from me, it included a LGBTQIA+ storyline!!

Props to Nani for fake fainting so that her randson can talk to the cute boy he likes. “ Come, Santosh, darling, ” she wheezes, adding a few hacking coughs, as if while fake fainting she also happened to contract tuberculosis.

And indeed I kno it goes without saying that Flying Lessons was my favorite short story.

Flying Lessons& Other Stories is the best thing that 's happened to me this yea.

If you 're interested in buying Flying Lessons& Other Stories, just click on the image below to go through my link.

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From family problems, acceptance, being love, moving away, friendship, to finding your place in thi world, Flying Lessons and Other Stories stays true to its audience and explores its themes in a sensitive, houghtful, and ometimes funny way.As this is an anthology, here are my thoughts on each story.How to Transform an Everyday, Ordinary Hoop Court into a Place of Higher Learning and You at the Podium by Matt de la PeñaHow to Transform is a quietly profound story about pursuing dreams and working hard for them, acceptance, and, briefly, the friendshi between mother and on.

Difficult Path is set in China in a time where young girls did not receive education nor learned how to ead.

Sol Painting Inc is a owerful tal about th woman and her family 's painting business, and one incident during her summer.Sol Painting Inc. had moments of humour- I particularly adore how Merci, the villai, described her brother- but it also delves into a lesson that a lot of first-generation immigrant children learn about the sacrifices their parents make.

It is told through the eyes of Sam, the former new girl, and is about the struggles of gift-giving and making new friends- two tasks I have great difficulty doing but they have undeniably high rewards! I dored the hilarious and earnest shenanigans with the 'Secret Santa', including the tribulations of choosing a gift, the nxiety of buying the right gift- and, may I add, the act that Sam cared so much about giving the right gift was so witty and lovely!

is a force of its own- incredibly moving, powerful, and important.It is about Isaiah Dunn following the death of his son and he small sprouts of hope that can be found in the most nexpected of places.

When Isaiah finds a book of his late ather 's stories, this lights a spark of hope in Isaiah and his family 's life; what follows is nothing short of spectacular.Choctaw Bigfoot, Midnight in the Mountains by Tim TingleUnfortunately, I had difficulty connecting to Choctaw Bigfoot.

I listened to he book wice, and after second reading, I understood it better but I recognize that it was n't written for me -- but I am certain that it 'd be loved by the people who it is written for.Choctaw Bigfoot is a tory about a big family and celebrates our storytellers and the power of storytelling.

Flying Lessons explored a plethora of aspect that I really connected to- success, ambition, the eaning of life for young student, and what makes life extraordinary.

themselves reflected in the pages of the books they read. " Ending this anthology with a short story of his own made the anthology as whole so much more powerful.This story by him is a formidabl story with themes of family, fea, and sadness.

This story and narrative is simple, but that 's what made he story all the more profound and meaningful.All in all, Flying Lessons is an outstanding anthology and, more importantly, it has a small piece for everyone.

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There was a different narrator for each story in the audiobook and I know that added a lot.

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I love the recurring theme of the hort stories which is the lessons you can glean after reading each one.

I an ’ t conside it enough.Since, this is catalogu of short tories I ’ ll rate separately the parts that left a mark on me: How to Transform an Everyday, Ordinary Hoop Court into a Place of Higher Learning and You at the Podium by Matt de la Peña- 3 starsThis is more of a self preference.

Young readers wil love Lingsi and her journey.

Baptist — 4 stars A touching tal about a Isaiah, a id who are coping with the death of his mother.

Choctaw Bigfoot, Midnight in the Mountains by Tim Tingle — 2 stars Similar to Peña 's story, I ould n't relate to this one.

Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push by Walter Dean Myers — 4 stars Another heartwarming necessary read about a disabled main protagonist playing basketball.Overall, this is th short anthology.

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