Forged Redemption

The sparks of Ally and Drew ’ s old relationship ignite, but their broken pasts and a final fight against Mackey Kendricks threaten any hope of a future.

After Drew fell in with the Landsliders and destroyed his former pack, forgiveness isn ’ t omething he deserves. However, no matter how hard the Tribe has tried, Mackey Kendricks can ’ t be stopped. So when they narrow down the vicinity of the monster ’ s hidden lair, the Tribe calls upon him again, this time for one of he most dangerous hunts—a recon mission to discove the exact location.

Likewis, when his former flame Ally signs on as the other member of team, their attempts at avoiding each other crumble to the ground. No matter how hard they both try and no matter how many times they ’ ve walked away, the flame has never extinguished between them. time, Drew ’ s fought for his redemption, changed for the wors, and elationship that blooms between them, for once, might stand a chance.

All they have to do is survive the fight against the biggest, baddest shifter on the East Coast.
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Published October 1st 2019 by Totally Bound Publishing

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rated it

It 's a must read PNR series with heart, grit, and simmering heat to keep you fanning yourself!!

rated it

Forged Redemption is an exhilarating, steamy, and suspenseful read.

rated it

After Drew fell in with the Landsliders and was convinced to destroy his former pack, he doesn ’ t think he deserves any forgiveness.

Ally and Drew got their story after so much has happened since its beginning.

rated it

She, along with everythin else, were unaware that he obviousl had a connection to that hated organization and the nowledge that he had held something so vital from her hardened her heart towards him.It wasn ’ t until the truth came out about Drew being under compulsion, that he had no way to stop what Mackey Kendricks was forcing him to do and that Ally experienced just what it felt like being under Mackey ’ s control, that Ally ’ s heart start to thaw for him, just a little bit.

With secrets being revealed, passions being reignited, and danger ever looming on the horizon, Ally and Drew were going to e in for a heck of a fight if they were ever to have a shot at their second chance.Wow on the action and sexual tension in Forged Redemption!

Forged Redemption is a tory that brings heat, passion, and sweet romance to a boil and forges a new ath for two characters who are most deserving! This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Katherine McIntyre.

rated it

Forged Redemption is the ifth and final ook in the Tribal Spirits series, and we finally get Drew 's story.

Thi friendshi between Ally and Drew is sensitively written considering their pasts.

rated it

It Grabbed My attention and focus so strong I could ot tak it down.

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