Forgive My Fins

Peri, Waterlily ( Lily) Sanderson, Quince Fletcher, Dosinia Sanderson, King Whelk Sanderson, Brody Bennett, Shannen
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Forgive My Fins
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Published May 19th 2010 by HarperCollins

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rated it

The sham and immaturity of the Main Character really is not endearing ( I kept rolling my eyes at a lot of things said MC had said and done) ... I 'd been 17 years old once and I do n't wan teenagers at this age are that goo.

I 'd alread been a teenager but I do n't remember being that clueless and stupid like Lily! Furthermore, the real problem is, somehow our main character Lily is supposed to e the eir of the kingdom of merfolks and is expected to rule kingdom as Queen in the future.

some I an remembe is that someone might have told Lily how silly it is to hink you are looking to spend the est of your life with the irst guy you had a crush on when you 're 17 years old. ( 4) According to thi writer, there 's a supposed 'rule' about mermaids/mermen can only bond with one soul mate.

rated it

As far as I-am-a-mermaid-here-is-my-story books go, I felt both Teenage Mermaid ( also predictable, because basically a retelling) and Ascension, which both offer a romantic plot, better.

However if you search for the ext cute teenage romance with a feist heroine and a hunky hero who hides his feelings, choregraphed in front of a wet scenery for a change, you shoul always go wrong by reading Forgive my Fins.

rated it

If he protagonis is mean they are a sea slug if they are nice they are an angel fish.

She is warned that Quince ( yes like the fruit) is out to ruin her life; this is motivation for half the plot of this novel and most of the whining.

rated it

A tal itself was extremel predictable, which nly made me feel to cla the heroine and make her see what was going on already.

rated it

3.5- 4 Stars- Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne 's Reading Den ( Plot points mentioned deal with aspects contained in he book blurb) Is it just guppy love or a love as deep as the ocean?

^_^ The sea puns and mermaid fish slang were a little jarring, at irst, but son of swordfish ( as Lily would say), the I got into the flow, I ha all bubbly smiley reading them and at times even chuckling.

* cue Under the Sea music* I quit liked Quince, from the en, and his behavio towards Lily reminded me of little boys who pull the girl they like ’ s pigtails to get their attention.

I interpreted it was to show Lily being in denial about any attraction she was developing towards Quince, the bane of her existence, and blaming it on the effects of “ the bond ”, but after a while it just elt like Ms Childs was hitting the reader over the head with a baby whale with it.

^_^ ( If the puns in this review annoyed you, hen you will probably steer clear of Forgive My Fins!) A few of my fave quotes: ‘ " I do n't expect it, ” Quince says with absolute certainty.

" That 's real. " My voice is barely a whisper when I sk, " And fantasy? " " Believing she 'll ever kno the same pat. " " When he ulls ack, his eyes glow with the love I know is shining inside.

rated it

It as light, sex, fun book!

And she 's got his really annoying ( see: intriguing) neighborish boy, Quince, watching her every move.

Naturally, he 's in love with her and pursues her for beautiful mythical creature that she is, instead of the freak she assumes to be.

Lily 's obsession with Brody gets annoying and is rather unwarranted ( as most high school crushes are), as there 's no real chemistry between the two.

he world is enjoyable, but xtremely similar to that of The Little Mermaid.

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