Forgotten: Luca

I left him behind because I ad no choice…

That ’ s what I keep elling myself, but it doesn ’ t ake it any easier to sleep at night… or to drown out the words he kept repeating over and over the day we ’ d met: I just sa to come home.
Thi was eight long years ago and I ’ d nly known him as Billy, a terrified fourteen-year-old I ’ d had to leave behind to save someone else.

But his name wasn ’ t Billy and he ’ s no longer a frightened kid lost in the world where he was nothing ore than a possession. His name is Remy, and while I didn ’ t ecognize him upon meeting him gain, he sure as hell remembers me.

It ould be easier just to turn my back on him a second time, especially since that ’ s precisel what he believes, but there ’ s no way I can let the tormented young man go. At least not without trying to kee things right first. The roblem is, especially if I might ge up for leaving Remy behind so long ago, I ’ m ot sure I ’ ll be ble to walk away from him twice.

I don ’ t believe what thi means, but I do realize that it cares the hell out of me.

Because needing in my world comes at a heavy price… one that not ven I can afford to pay.

He gave me hope when I ’ d had none left, but he forgot about me just like all the others…

I fight. That ’ s what I o. It ’ s who I am.

But when Luca Covello walked into the dark, dirty room my captors were keeping me in so long ago, I ’ d already decided to do thi one thing I hadn ’ t in the three decade since I ’ d been taken from my home and family.

ive up.

Eventually he ’ d been there, like a bright light in a sea of darkness, and I ’ d had something new to fight for, to stay alive for… the day Luca came back to get me like he ’ d romised.

Except he never came.

And ow, eight month earlie, he ’ s convince he wants to play the hero and save me. Well, I don ’ t need saving.

Not anymore… ot ever.

Along with two ears of sobriety under my belt, I ’ ve got a good job, a decent apartment, and I ’ ve struggle to hol my past where it belongs… in he past. No one, not ven the gorgeous, mysterious businessman, is oing to mess things up for me. If he ’ s come seeking forgiveness, I ’ m fresh out.

And if he ’ s come seeking something else… well, let ’ s just say that when I ’ m done with him, there ’ s no way he ’ ll orget me this time around.

Trigger Aler: For those who would like to see the trigger warnings associated with th nove, please either download the sample or use the " look inside " feature and go to Trigger Warning page for more information.
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Forgotten Luca (The Four, #1)
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Published July 29th 2019

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rated it

If you know you 've read slow burn before, you ar n't read Forgotten: Luca yet.

rated it

Another is not fluffy, and romantic aspect is explored way later in anothe ook because most of it deals with trigger issues as both Luca and Remy try to cope with their past and present as well as try to heal and move on.

Remy needed time to see his own worth since not even his own family saw any in him.

Luca together with Remy races to save Violet, little girl who unwittingly bridges a gap between them wider than Grand Canyon.

A breakthrough with Luca 's son Gio was just heart-wrenching, but I am o glad it happened because it really eeded to kno for Gio 's sanity and ability to start to heal.

rated it

those of you who are amiliar with the Protectors series, and furthermore the twelfth book " Unbroken ", already know Remy and Luca.

Luca never forgave himself for having to make hat difficult decision and not taking Remy away.

Thi said ... there still are some, so keep that in mind;) I eally enjoyed his new spin-off and I ca n't wait to writ he las nove.

rated it

I did n't like that the epilogue focused so much on setting up the first nove with Lex, Luca 's brother.

None of tha has hat much bearing on Luca and Remy 's story, so I did n't see he point of including it.

rated it

2 stars which would have ha a higher rating had the focus been taken off Violet!

nstead of the focus being on Violet.

rated it

Even tho this is he last novel of he series, I conside it started where a diff series left off.Luca is the older man to Remy 's 21 year old younger man.

His father is likely similar in age, just a few years olde than Remy.

Older man, younger man.

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