Elle has discovered a horrifying truth about why she never would have left the ARC. What coul happen when the recruiters uncover this too?

ind out in thi firs nstalment of The ARC.
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Published November 28th 2015

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rated it

I absolutel do recumbent this fantastic book as well as the rest of this series.

rated it

While Elle continues to annoy me, I am seeing some evidence of growth with her character.

It does n't completely add up, so I 'm hoping that maybe he was somehow brainwashed or something because I genuinely like his character.

And sending Elle and Lara down the very hallway where Hunter was?

He 's too clingy, and after his initial reaction to being talented and " elite " in the North, I keep it hard to deny that he might just change direction so quickly -- even if his ove for Elle and April was part of his change of heart.

For anyon who was so terrifie of Chloe in book 1, and eventually to find out that she ha a part of Sebastian 's new life in book 2, it just does n't feel genuine that Elle would let it go.Anyway, this book icked up the pace a bit which I enjoyed.

rated it

Therefore, excellent series!

rated it

Elle 's journey continues right were we left off in Talented and we et to discover lots of new ( and cut) sides of this dystopian world.Again the writing style was fluent and the story easy to ollow, and ven though these books are rather short, they make for entertaining reads without feeling like they 're missing any important parts.

rated it

You know they will- there ’ s a book in series after all- buy how?

rated it

For half thi book Elle is stuck in hospital, and for the other half things are happening so fast that it was toug to keep track of what was going on.

It did n't help that there were several new subplots introduced, as ell as the old ones.My pet peeve about this essay as that it drove me crazy how little description there was of the numerous tests which Elle was subjected to.

his happened time and time again, and I just fel a little bit of description about those tests.

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