Freaky Fangs

Mystic Caravan Circus is in flux. Things are hifting in the organisatio, new faces are joining the fray, and manager Poet Parker isn ’ t certain how to deal with it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn ’ t have time to figure it out.
Kentucky is on the horizon, and a roadside accident that claims a family has caught Poet ’ s attention. She ’ s haunted by what she want … and dreams that show her nothing but snapping teeth and flowing blood.
They ’ ve been to the area before – Mammoth Caves is a big draw – but something seem to be amiss. It isn ’ t long until Poet realizes exactly what that feeling is … vampires. They ’ re nesting and taking over the entire city.
Zombies are nothing new when fighting monsters with a paranormal circus. These vampires, owever, are different. They ’ re stronger … and faster … and deadlier. In fact, they ’ re something older and more ruthless, and Poet has no idea how to ake on his new enemy.
When the vampires come for one of Mystic Caravan ’ s own, he time for debate is over. They live as a family. They ’ ll die as one, oo, if need be.
Poet has fought wars before but this one is looking to get bloody. It ’ s lookin to take everyone working together to overcome this enemy. Even then nothing is guaranteed.
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Published February 4th 2020 by WinchesterShaw Publications (first published February 3rd 2020

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rated it

I 'm book, there are lots of changes.

I love that Cole took his vacation time to come along with the Mystic Caravan crew and to see how things go with Luke.

The ook made me laugh a lot, made me sad and had me cheering for the ba thing.

rated it

Lee seems to hold back the overly cutsie parts of the elationship between Poet and Kade which is why I njoy the series so much.

rated it

Arriving to the cras site with Cole ( Lukes new friend) they discover evidence of vampires a lot of them.

rated it

Freaking Freaky Fangs!! As they reach their latest destination Poet senses kick in and they uncover a vehicle that appears to have crashed off the highwa.

It 's also lookin to create division as they face the possibility of losing some of their own.Poet 's plan to get answers creates tension which only rises as they fin a daring, life risking rescue.

rated it

I live the relationship between Poet and Luke.

Begi at the eginning and get to know ( and love) all the freaky weird love able characters in series.

rated it

When someone from the circus is targeted and it take about a more serious danger to the members of the circus.This book felt more different than usual.

he threat felt very personal and more immediate.

rated it

I missed Luke 's short story introducing Cole, so I could have to writ hat.

A novel was well paced and a good read.

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