Fright Court

Sarah Anderson has found her dream job: Clerk of Court for the District of Columbia Night Court. Dream job, that is, until she ’ s attacked in the open courtroom by a vampire defendant. And until she ’ s decided to take self-defense lessons from her boss, the enigmatic vampire James Morton. And until she realizes that she mus ’ t share the truth about any of hat with her best riend, Allison Ward – even over delectable cupcakes from the Cake Walk bakery.

Briefly, Sarah is surrounded by ghost, griffins, and sprites – all members of a secret supernatural court. And when a deceptively easy-going reporter starts to ask questions, Sarah wonders just what answers she is upposed to give….
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Published March 22nd 2011 by Mira

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In thi case of " Fright Court, " the cartoony cover leads on to speculate that story can be comical.

Consequently, he does the next best thing and begins training her on how to protect herself.As Sarah adjusts to working for the courts she is instructed by Chris Gardner, a journalist who wants to do an article on the feasibility of the ourt.

Sarah finds herself attracted to Chris but she also is attracted to her boss.

rated it

Am I compelle to be afrai?! Fright Court is apparently set within another fictional world created by Klasky in the Jane Madison Series ( which I 've certainly read, but I 'm coming to!) You reall do n't have to ave read one to make the other.In Fright Court, Sarah has landed a new job as a solicito for the night court.

Definitely.Sarah manages to get sucked into vampire politics ( of course).

rated it

Don ’ t read the second.This is a romance, but it is a delicious, light-hearted romance.I will say that I didn ’ t enjoy Chris, but that would b to do more with he second novel.Sarah ’ s character was also engaging and different enough to find her interesting, even though her heritage makes no sense, in my opinion.If you like urban fantasy tories, I might say give this one a go.

rated it

On her las night, Sarah is mauled by a ampire and is ready to quit again, et this job intrigues her like no other she 's had before.

rated it

head of security and the judge were also vampires and the other night workers were some ind of shifters.This story had so much possibilit with all the diffrant characters that were available in the night court, all he mayhem that could have occurred on a nightly basis, but actuall it turned into a love triangle with the word vampire thrown in every now and agai to remind you that one of the en as a slaye.

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