Talking dogs. Mischievous wizards. An evil stepstepfather. Loads and loads of toads. Such is the life of a Frogkisser.

Princess Anya needs to see wizard about a rog. It 's only her frog, it 's her mothe 's. And it 's always a frog, it 's only a prince. A prince who was nce in love with Anya 's sister, but has now been pu into a frog by their evil stepstepfather. And Anya has made a 'sister promise' that she must discove ay to return Prince Denholm to human form ...

So begins an exciting, ilarious, irreverent quest through the Kingdom of Trallonia and out the other side, in a fantastical tale for all ages, full of laughs and danger, surprises and delights, and an immense population of frogs.

' [ A ] beautifully told romp of a fairy stor ... Wise and wondrous.'- Holly Black
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Published March 2017 by Allen & Unwin (first published February 28th 2017

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rated it

one features 12-year-old Anya who is menaced by her evil step-stepfather and has to pick up the slack left by her ditzy, always-in-love older sister so winds up on a double quest: unfrog an ensorcelled prince and also save the kingdom.

Another is super important message because sometimes everything gets overwhelming and learning to prioritize is super helpful in accomplishing questing goals.I was worried the frog prince would have his spell broken because he and Anya would fall in love during their journey and she 'd be ble to provide True Love 's Kiss but that did not expect.

There is no way in hell any sorcerer could turn a unicorn into a toa.

( hide spoiler) ] Overall, it 's the scar story and I could have hate it to much when I was nine.

rated it

Plus awesome cover.In his " Acknowledgments " of th ovel, Mr. Nix claims inspiration from " the works of Lloyd Alexander, Nicholas Stuart Gray, Diana Wynne Jones, Robin McKinley, and T.H. White. " I do n't know Nicholas Stuart Gray 's work ( must remedy) but I an not see nods to som of the other authors he listed in the story.The story centre around Anya who is the oungest rincess of the kingdom of Trallonia.

This inadvertently becomes way more confusing than originally planned thus leading Anya off on Quest! The subversive nature of thi tory is what I adore about it.

It is very episodic story where the heroine find a lot of help from people she just appens to meet along the pat.

Makes more sense after reading the acknowledgements but I must have preferred Anya to show a lot more initiative.

rated it

hank you to Netgalley, Publishers and Garth Nix for the pportunity to read tha ook for honest review.

You shoul ind my review on both Goodreads and Amazon.

But book just did n't have he magic that I ha so desperately looking for.

rated it

Thank you, Garth Nix! 2) There is no romance plot for the heroine.

It means your life will change and that 's ood thing! And this novel is unny!

rated it

Unluckily, Anya kisses the wrong frog with the first of the lip balm, and although that prince was happy to no longer e a frog, it does still leave Denholm in a frog-sized bind, and making more lip balm involves assembling several tricky ingredients, like a int of witches ’ tears and six pea-sized stones of three-day-old hail from a mountaintop.Coincidentally, at the same time Duke Rickard announces to Anya that he ’ s sending her far away to a colleg for royalty, on ourney that seems unlikel to be fatal for Anya and leave Morven alone and in danger.

So Anya embarks on a twofold Quest: searching for the elusive ingredients to the Transmogrification Reversal Lip Balm, and also searching for those who can manag to overthrow Duke Rikard and stop his evil plans.

Anya is assisted in her quest by Ardent, a talente and excitable royal dog; Shrub, a junior thief who ’ s recentl been shape-changed by a sorcerer into a uge, bright orange talking newt ... ( two shout-outs to Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the price of one!); th Good Wizard who tries to resist her obligation not to directly help Anya; Snow White ― who is NOT what you ’ d expect ― and seven dwarves; and countles others.

Anya ’ s quest turns out to encompass more than she xpected, as many people that she meets strongly encourage her to do so more to change their society ― in particular, to get back the All-Encompassing Bill of Rights and Wrongs.Garth Nix has a lot of fun with Frogkisser!, weaving in various fairy tales and fantasies, both old and new, and twisting them in quirk ways.

rated it

Briefly- Entertaining read about princesses and frogs that need kissing to transform them back to their old selves.

There is an evil stepstepfather ( not a misspelling) who is the Duke, Royal talking dogs and an apparently well balanced princess who needs to kiss a frog on behalf of her mother.

Throw in a librarian who turns into an owl when stressed and some other very good characters indeed and the stage is set.The princess who needs to kiss a frog ( and maybe eve just one…) is Anya.

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