Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

Oryginalne i wspaniale opowiedziane wspomnienia kultowej autorki komiksów, których szczególnymi wyróżnikami są gotyckie łuki, rodzinny dom pogrzebowy, erotyczne niespełnienie i wielka literatura.

Ta niesamowita książka autorstwa Alison Bechdel jest śmieszno-straszną rodzinną opowieścią, perfekcyjnie skomponowaną z charakterystycznych, gotycyzujących rysunków Bechdel. Obok Persepolis Marjane Satrapi to jeden z najodważniejszych i najważniejszych pamiętników graficznych.

Poznaj ojca Alison, specjalistę od konserwacji i obsesyjnego renowatora rodzinnego, wiktoriańskiego domu, prowadzącego – podobnie jak jego przodkowie – dom pogrzebowy, nauczyciela języka angielskiego, lodowato zdystansowanego rodzica i nieujawnionego homoseksualistę, który – jak wychodzi na jaw – przez wiele lat romansował z mężczyznami. Przez czasem wzruszającą, a czasem bezwzględnie zabawną narrację, odkrywamy tęsknotę za ojcem, o której opowiada córka. I mimo leżących w oddali zakurzonych trumien, ich relacje nabierają bardzo intymnego wyrazu dzięki ukrytym w książce kodom. Kiedy Alison „ wychodzi z szafy ” i oświadcza, że jest lesbijką, rozwiązanie jest błyskawiczne, drastyczne – i zbawcze.
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Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
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Published June 5th 2007 by Mariner (first published June 8th 2006

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rated it

I 've already read a graphic novel/memoir before ( although I read lots of Archie, Betty, and Veronica comics growing up, and was addicted to the Silver Surfer), and that was al a refreshing and challenging format for me.This book practically pulsates with emotion, nger, and confusion, as ofte as the uncertainty that comes with self-discovery.

When it dealt with Alison 's own life or her brother 's struggles to kee himself, the ook is trongest, but it spends a lot of time holding up their story against backdrop of classic literature ( which her father so loved), and after a while I did n't enjoy those portions as much.

Lastly, as omeone who wishes his father was still alive so we can have conversations about life there never seemed to be time for then, I found

rated it

She 's he one that invented the appropriately-named Bechdel Test for movies.If you do n't think about the test, it bears talking about.

Does the movie have two emale characters in it?

2. Do the two female characters have at least one conversation?

To me, truly remarkabl thing about this test is n't how many movies utterly fail it.

No. I love the craft in he novel.

Books I whole-heartedly enjoy and admire are still in the top 5%.

rated it

Anyway, tha is only th review of The Song of Solomon, so I suppose I will set aside that grudge for now.This is how I kno: any person, no matter how mediocre his/her life might be perceived, can be made into a great story.

Altogether, if the facial expressions were rendered differently, and if Bechdel shook out the masturbatory references and word definitions, she must have sold me.

rated it

I guess autobiographical graphic novels are my favorite because this and Blankets by Craig Thompson are some of the best I 've read in thi genre.

rated it

Each one on its own could be a personal essay about overcoming an unusual hardship, but the episodes are tied together by recurring moments- the scene in which Alison learns her brothe 's deepest darkest secret over the phone; the stack of literature on homosexuality that grows and grows on her nightstand in college; her father writing letters to her other from his bunk during the war- and references to classic literature that are carefully, artfully implemented and never daunting.As a memoir, Fun Home is beautifully arranged and as honest and unapologetic as they get.

Alison writes and draws as if she is still putting together the pieces as she does o, and loses the book with the impression that thi retellin is not over.

rated it

.... I knew OTHING about th book -TERRIFIC/ SPECTACULAR-until it was in my hands today ...... ( other than it ha a highly recognized-graphic memoir- chosen best book of he ear by at least 10 major publications in 2006) .80, 4333 people rated his book -- so where was I?

If nybody has lived through having their bathroom or kitchen remodeled -- you know personally what the disruption feels like.

Suggestion: If you ar never read his novel, know 'nothing' about it ...... ( having not read 'any' reviews- no blurbs- 'nothing'- have been living under a rock like I have), if you are unwilling to 'trust' .....

It 's Sooooooo worth reading!!!!!!! Another TOP- TOP- TOP graphic memoir!!!!!!

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