Den unge maleren Osvald Alving vender hjem til sin mor og sitt barndomshjem. Han kommer hjem fordi han er syk. Her venter tjenestepiken Regine, som han har et godt øye til, og her er også Regines far, snekker Engstrand og Pastor Manders, en venn av familien. Det som skulle bli en fest og en hyllest til Kammerherre Alvings minne, utvikler seg til et følelsesmessig inferno- et oppgjør med sannhet, løgn og moral- hvor lag på lag avsløres.
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Published 2005 by Gyldendal Norsk Forlag (first published 1881

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rated it

Another very dark play focusing on difficult social issues and conventions in late 9th century Norway.

In this modern world the issues covered in the play seem nominal.

rated it

After I read Henrik Ibsens ’ s realistic play Ghosts, I immediately formed opinions of the protagonist.

I didn ’ t realize how Mrs. Alving could love him, even though he was her flesh and blood.

Pastor Manders was definitely an exhausting character as was Engstrand.

It is not all that black and white though, which I didn ’ t ind out until I watched he movi version.

After watchin the film version of he play Ghosts, I jumpe in love with the actress who portrayed Mrs. Alving.

She definitely improved upon the character of Mrs. Alving that I understood when I ead this play.

She was played much more feminine in the ilm version than she was in the written script, at least in my opinion.

She had to fight Pastor Manders, remain strong for Oswald, deal with Engstrand, and make the ability to support Regina.

While reading the script, I didn ’ t like Engstrand, but I didn ’ t dislike him either.

Paradoxically, when I saw he film version, I was destined to interpret Engstrand exactly as the director of the play did.

I appreciated that it was Pastor Manders, at least in the ilm version.

Pastor Manders was another character who produced a myriad of opinions in my thinkin.

Overall, I feel that the film version improved my opinions of most characters, but I ended up disliking certain characters that I hadn ’ t before.

Obviously, since the burning barn was not actually shown, the ilm is more unrealisti than naturalistic.

rated it

he second of the plays I 'm reading this summer ... I like the fact that the title Ibsen preferred was 'Revenants,' or the Swedis word for same.

( Well, you know those Norwegians, hehe.) This story revolves around a widow who wants to start an orphanage using only her husband 's money.

OMG, it 's like saying a judge- or a banker- or even the prime minister- might do such dreadful things?

This oman 's late husband was not such a nice guy after all and the sins he accrued have fallen upon his sad, adult son, and thi irl the son loves, and the orphanage the widow hopes to build.

rated it

But I almost think we re all of us ghosts, Pastor Manders.

Al words, uttered by Mrs. Helen Alving is the soul of this revolutionary play by Henrik Ibsen, which was banned from public performance for quite a long time- and when we read it, we lear why almost immediately.

All tha, in the ate 19Th Century! This is he story of Mrs. Helen Alving, widow of Captain Alving ( late Chamberlain to the King), her artist son Oswald, their maid Regina Engstrand, her father Jacob Engstrand, and the Alvings' family friend Pastor Manders.

Mrs. Alving has built an orphanage in her late husband 's name, and he pastor is there to inaugurate it.

Casual conversation between Helen and Pastor Manders soon exposes the real face of the dead chamberlain, and the price paid by his ife to keep up appearances- also about the not-so-innocent relationship she had with the priest.

Just hink of it—for a miserable three hundred dollars, to o and marry a fallen woman!

I struggle and married a fallen man.

At the beginnin, as Oswald and Mrs. Alving sit together surveying their shattered world, the sun omes out after days of rain.

rated it

play about Mrs. Alving a widow, who was accused by Pastor Manders, of failing in providing enough moral guidance to her son Oswald .... MANDERS.

And thus you have become a stranger to him.MRS.

I am not.after this conversation, Mrs. Alving was forced to forge the truth that she ad kept hidden.that Captain Alving was an awful man who was unfaithful throughout his life .... there are many symbols in this play .... the ghosts which are MRS.

which symbolize for the grac of life which he always seeks .... The fire that destroys the orphanage which she was naming after her husband name .... that destroyed the whole building, and eliminated all the deception ..... MANDERS.

There you see the power of an evil conscience.MANDERS.

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