Book 1 of the Josephine Meyers Mystery series

Best friends keep secrets, or at least they try to.

As teenagers growing up in the foothills of Pennsylvania, the scariest thing Josephine and Skylar have to deal with is a rustle in the woods after dark. This winte, however, might show them the true meaning of fear.

George dives head first into their lives, quickly making enemies with everyone he meets. His hands are soon covered in more than just engine grease, and danger in Sky 's eyes, coupled with her terrifying stories, has Jo at the nd of her agreement to keep quiet.

At the height of the July heat wave, Sky ’ s stories reach a turning point. Unable to put it in any longer, Jo sets out with a foot-long blade in her hand to make sure George never lays a han on any of them again.

But, perhaps George isn ’ t uite ready to leave.
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Published October 12th 2014(first published October 4th 2014

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rated it

Again, Josephine and Skylar see the monstrous side of George, and Josephine struggles between helping her best friend and keeping her secrets.In this short tory, Heckman weaves a fast-paced stor that is asy to mak and filled with intrigue and uspense.

rated it

Secrets.Josephine and Skylar are best friends as are their mothers.

rated it

What a classic short story.

rated it

George: A Josephine Meyers Mystery by C.L. Heckman is a lon story that is sure to be an attention grabber.

he thrille had me picking up my pace though disappointed knowing I would ave to wait for the next instalment in the Josephine Myers Mysteries.

rated it

I have no idea where thi story is going and I an ’ t ait to find out.It starts off with a twist and the author pull you guessing right through.

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