Gestalt Therapy Verbatim

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Gestalt Therapy Verbatim
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Published December 1st 1992 by Gestalt Journal Press (first published 1968

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third section where Perls explains his theories is powerful stuff and pushes to the forefront his no-nonsense methodology.

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GTV is a transcription of lectures Perls gave while at Esalen in 1968, between gestalt process and his emoir, Out of the Garbage Pail and it is possible that his confidence and skill are at their peak.

As a practitioner, it was especially valuable to get feelin for how he works with " resistance. " GTV is also highly quotable and full of gems, one liners, definitions, and principles that I have definitel seen synthesized anywhere but would be great for anyone interested in what gestalt is all about.

We need to become a concept, a fantasy, what we could be like. " Task of Therapy: " help them come alive to their immediate experience in the present moment " " concentrate on helping the patient invent a new solution on the spot by experimenting with the contact between them " " health is the bility to experience what is new as new " " awareness per se- by and of itself- an be curative " " if you consider the situation you are in, and you let the situation which you are in control your actions, then you learn how to cope with life " " maturing is the transcendence from environmental support to self support " " the aim of therapy is to give the patient not depend on others, but to fin the patient discover from the very las moment that he an do many things, uch les than he realize he an do " " If you are centered in yourself, then you do n't adjust anymore.

Every time you refuse to answer the question, you help the other person develop his own resources. " " without communication, there should be no contact.

Boast about what a great saboteur you are. " " nce you judge, you ca n't experience any more, because you are now much too busy finding reasons and explanations, defenses, and all that crap "

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Realize it or s, this reading is somehow entertaining.This is powerful stuff because it llustrates how creative and protectionist the human psyche is, how it splinters off parts of one 's personality, and how one might hold court with oneself to once again synthesize those disparate parts.

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I shoul imagine doing what he did if I were omniscient and was, in my innocence, prepared to give him the benefit of he reaso ( maybe really old therapists become omniscient?), but th approach, quite the opposite of the Rogerian, rather shocked and intrigued, reminding me of the self-criticism practices in Peoples China during the Cultural Revolution.

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This way Fritz does his Skill Frustration is really incredible.

Be who he really is.The impasse –a place where most of the people go round and round their self-created labyrinth wall and find themselves stuck.

People ant to go pass the impasse without even passing though it.

mayb to look like a helpless victim instead of havin th person who 's responsible for his life.

Most people try to fill he void and end with the optimism of emptiness.Just for the record, a human being is the only reature in he world that interferes with his own growth.

We people better understand right now that when we were born, we hav already doomed enough to stand on our own two feet.

Thi major problem in his world is that people are o tempte to responsible for their own lives.

They blame the government, their riends, their neighbours, their enemies, their parents –the world and God for what 's happening to their lives instead of owning the responsibility for their sunken ship.

And this blaming never ends.In the impasse, the awareness of how you 're stuck is therapeutic –it will the the cure to your neuroses ...

It 's nly in genuine awareness that we learn to grow and be responsible.

Eventually it starts to become a way of life.

But till, hav you gon na be illing to die?******************************************************************** " Some people are made to find ays in unfolding the personhood in others and hopefully help them grow even to the extent that they themselves forget their own quests in life.

Al are few people who always try their in making others realize how wonderful it is to own a life. " Because of his, I am who I am right now.

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