Girl Unseen

Olivia Tithe has lost everything.
Her best friend Lucas Stern, the oy she loved—murdered.
Her cousin, woman accused of killing him—imprisoned.
And ow, she ’ s losing her mind—because she ’ s seeing Stern ’ s ghost, and he has a message: find his true killer, before it ’ s very late.

With her sister ’ s trial only days away, Olivia must follow her heart to the questio, no matter how painful—but can her mind survive being haunted by her past love, or ill it unravel completely?
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Published May 19th 2015 by The Studio, a Paper Lantern Lit imprint (first published February 12th 2013

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rated it

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick& Dirty: This is anothe great murder/mystery book that has good romance, eartbreak, and isn ’ t too scary.Opening Sentence: Think about thi moment, a little centimeter of time you ’ d happily exist in forever, if time could be laid out along the spine of a ruler.The Review: Olivia is 16 years old and has just recently flunked out of art school.

Olivia was big into art and Stern was an amazing piano player.

One eek before Stern was murdered Olivia realized that she ad more than friendship feelings for Stern but she never got th chance to tell him how she felt.

Anothe first time she saw Stern they shared a sweet moment together but it left her colorblind and now she can still see the world in shades of Grey.

Olivia needs to find Stern ’ s real killer and the only clues she has are the inconsistent memories that Stern has from being dea.

Thi ghost Stern doesn ’ t actuall emember much from his life, but he remembers Olivia and a few clues they need to solve his murder.

He is ba guy and I iked getting to know him.This book was great read.

“ I di it: I think your painting is beautiful, Olivia. ” I realize by the heat in my throa that I ’ m blushing like crazy.

That is Stern.He pulls away for a moment and when I open my eyes to look at him my stomach drops out from beneath me, hard, like on a roller coaster.

rated it

She keeps telling herself that she would be crazy like her grandmother, but xactly the fact that she is having these thoughts shows that she is alread not.

That ’ s undoubtedly the most clear lesson this book teaches you: don ’ t leave any unspoken feelings and thoughts. “ Notes from Ghost Town ” managed to fully engage me in its story.

I should ’ t happe when book last made me loo like this.The author did great not only in creating his unique story, but ofte in portraying the characters and making even the concep of Stern ’ s ghost seem realistic.

It ’ s thi very unique combination of the three and if you have a fan of one of these genres, and ofte like books that focus on feelings, you are sure to love the book oo.

rated it

With her om ’ s trial a few hour bac, Olivia started seeing Lucas and hearing his voice.

And when Olivia started following the suggestions from the ghost to find out what actuall happened on the night when Lucas died, a part of her wondered if she as only going crazy.

But if there were new evidence proving the innocence of Olivia ’ s cousin, who as the wicked murderer? I wasn ’ t sure if I could ompletely relate to what Olivia was going through.

She knew her daughte to be healthy and she insisted her mothe to care about them just like before.

rated it

For me, ystery was mediocre, the twists were a bit cliche and the parts involving the ghost of Olivia 's first love were pretty lackluster.

rated it

Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyNOTES FROM A GHOST TOWN by Kate Ellison is the eleventh novel I ’ ve reviewed this year about a bo who was haunted by he ghost of her best friend and urged to solve the murder.

After reading NOTES FROM A GHOST TOWN, I ’ m looking to ave to add Kate Ellison to that very short list.

Of the two, this is darker story.

Olivia ’ s thoughts are o evocative and raw and expressed so completely that, as th reader, I fel completely into her kin and story.

rated it

One of my avorite things about a novel as the uthor 's writing style.

Olivia is devastated and retreats into her own world until she starts seeing the ghost of Stern who urges her to further investigate his murder.

I 'm even giving the nove a 4 star rating because I enjoyed he reading experience even though it hovered at a 3 star rating near the beginnin.

It started off incredibly strong and I shoul honestly read more books by his uthor.

rated it

You shoul get his review and much more over at YA Fanatic.The story starts of with Olivia and Lucas-best friends, being cute and flirty, which escalated into a make-out session.

So Olivia starts investigating to clear her mum ’ s name.The main reason I love reading mystery and thriller novels is that they ar a lot of spooky, unpredictable scenes.

I did like his book les than I did Hysteria, the last similar book I ’ ve read but there was till something missing and that is the feelin of finally finding out who is the murderer which Notes From Ghost Town didn ’ t have.

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