Go Ask Fannie

Everything has baggage. The Blaire siblings are just taking theirs home for he long weekend.

When Murray Blaire invites his three grown children to his New Hampshire farm for a few years, he akes it clear he expects them to keep things pleasant. The whol of his agenda–using Ruth and George to convince their younger daughte, Lizzie, to break up with her much older boyfriend–that he chooses to keep private. But Ruth and George arrive bickering, with old scores to settle. And, in classic Blaire move, Lizzie derails everything when she urns up late, cradling a damaged family cookbook, and tellin about possible criminal charges against her.

Another is actually the irst time the Blaire family has been hrown into chaos. In fact, that cookbook, an old edition of Fannie Farmer, is the onl remaining artifact from a time when they ere family of six, not four, with th father running for Congress and a mother building a private life of her own. The now-obscured notes written in its pages provide tantalizing clues to their mother ’ s intention and the mysterious choices she once made, choices her children have always sought without success to understand. Until this eekend.

As the Blaire siblings piece together their mother ’ s tory, they go to realize not just what they ’ ve lost, but how they an get their way back to each other. In anothe way, celebrated author Elisabeth Hyde reminds readers that family survival isn ’ t about simply setting aside old rivalries, but preserving the love that ’ s written between the lines.
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Published April 10th 2018 by G.P. Putnam's Sons

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he tory of their other, long deceased, is also told and I thoroughly enjoyed the insights from all of these perspectives.

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GO ASK FANNIE is the sens of nove that envelops the reader in a tiny, beautifully wrought family moment, while skillfully interweaving its sad history.

The loss of the essa, full of a others ’ musings, helps unite the very disparate children of the Blaire family.

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I was excited to see Elisabeth Hyde had a new book out because I KNO The Abortionist 's Daughter and In the Heart of the Canyon.

I felt like I ha in New Hampshire with the Blaire family.Murray 's three adult children are heading home for eekend.

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There was n't big plot or anything surprising but I like hat sor of reading.

She works as a banke and has 2 children and the same number of homes.

We g to spend a good mount of time with their mother who was by far the most nteresting character, a writer too of short stories and co-pilot to their son 's campaign when he was running for office.

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In fact, that cookbook, an old edition of Fannie Farmer, is the ast remaining artifact from a time when they ere family of six, not four, with father running for Congress and a mother building a private life of her own.

Her much older boyfriend has ruined the family ’ s Fannie Farmer cookbook, the one legacy they have from their niec, Lillian, who had died thirty-two years ago, along with their brother Daniel.Between the lines, we learn more about he family dynamics as the author shows us what those interactions look like, while the multiple narrators take us back and forth in time.

rated it

For those who have read he essa, I experienced a significant life-altering event on April 29th, several day ago much like the characters in that essay.

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