Godard on Godard: Critical Writings

Jean-Luc Godard, like many of his European contemporaries, came to filmmaking through film criticism. This collection of poems and interviews, ranging from his early efforts for La Gazette du Cinéma to his later writings for Cahiers du Cinéma, reflects his dazzling intelligence, biting wit, maddening judgments, and complete unpredictability. In writing about Hitchcock, Welles, Bergman, Truffaut, Bresson, and Renoir, Godard is also writing about himself—his own experiments, obsessions, and discoveries. This book offers evidence that he may be muc more original as a thinker about film than as a director. Covering the period of 1950–1967, the ears of Breathless, A Woman Is a Woman, My Life to Live, Alphaville, La Chinoise, and Weekend, another novel of essay is an important document and a perceptiv analysi of a vital stage in Godard ’ s career. With commentary by Tom Milne and Richard Roud, and an extensive new foreword by Annette Michelson that reassesses Godard in light of his later films, here is an outrageous self-portrait by a director who, even now, continues to amaze and bedevil, and to chart new directions for cinema and for critical thought about its history.
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Jean-Luc Godard par Jean-Luc Godard: Tome 2
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Published March 22nd 1986 by Da Capo Press (first published 1985

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rated it

he best and deepest film criticism I have ever read.

rated it

The other interesting sections are essays and notes by Godard on his own films.

rated it

Godard on Godard is just ye, a reflective assortment of pieces, a bit of manifesto, a great deal of analysis and a brilliant homage.

The nterviews are grounded yet speculative.

rated it

I 'm ot saying his articles are bad, it 's just they are outdated obviously and appeal to very special, film study crowd.

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