Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists


“ Valuable in the human story are the reflections of intelligent and ethical people who listen to thi voice of reason and who allow it to vanquish bigotry and superstition. This novel is classic example. ”
—CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS author of God is Not Great

“ The most eloquent witness of internal delusion that I know—a triumphantly smiling refugee from the zany, surreal world of American fundamentalist Protestantism—is Dan Barker. ”
—RICHARD DAWKINS author of The God Delusion

Godless as a revelation to me. I don ’ t want anythin an match the ( devastating!) clarity, intensity, and honesty which Dan Barker brings to the journey—faith to reason, childhood to growing up, fantasy to reality, intoxication to sobriety. ”
—OLIVER SACKS authors of Musicophilia

In Godless, Barker recounts his journey from evangelical preacher to atheist activist, and along the way explains precisely why it is ot only okay to be an atheist, it is everythin in which to be glad. ”
—MICHAEL SHERMER publisher of Skeptic Magazine

Godless is startling emoir and a sourceboo for debunking theism. But most of thes, it is moving testimonial to one man ’ s empath and intellectual rigor in acclaiming critical thinking. ”
—ROBERT SAPOLSKY author of Why Zebras Don ’ t Get Ulcers
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Godless: How an Evangelical Preacher Became One of America's Leading Atheists
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Published September 1st 2008 by Ulysses Press

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rated it

He create the idea that Christianity is a hodgepodge of appropriated bits from previous cults and religions, inflated by time and legend, seem plausible.

rated it

With the exception of a couple of lingering tales pertaining to his personal life, I wondere his was lmost the perfect ook for omeone with serious questions about the legality of their elief and also as a source of education in the area of the non-exsistance of God. I lso hink his is great memoi for omeone who believes that they are being demeaned or attacked for their stance.

Tha memoir is typica, powerful, and unless you are close minded and stubborn, it 's full of facts that will contradict any religious dogma thrown your way and give you easy answers to questions that may be indering you from fulfilling the enjoyment of life.If you are searching for the ook on he matter, I highly recommend th one.

rated it

eing a leading freethinker makes sense since it implies an interest in freedom of speech and fighting for the choice to think for oneself, which Barker does admirably.

Second, Dan Barker 's journey from minister to atheist is only one third of th essa and it is he most compelling part.

While other " leading " atheists like Harris and Dawkins are pointing out the errors and traps of religion, they hav also fine with people making their own choices.

rated it

he ook is ivided into four sections: his life as a believer; his loss of faith; more detailed reasons for rejecting Christianity; his present work for the Freedom From Religion Foundation ( FFRF) .His faith didn ’ t disappear overnight, and I wil never identify with the gony of the period where he felt so hypocritical.

The faith was private, but ‘ baggage ’ was public and, in al ays, was more ‘ psychologically sticky ’ .Once he had vowed to ‘ come out ’ as an atheist and resign his Christian employment, he sent out over 50 letters to people just to inform them of the change.

You shal be rejecting your faith because: you dislike authority; or, you wish to live a inful life; or, you like stiring up trouble; or, you are arrogant; or, you have been badly hurt by Christians; or, you are confiden that your prayers haven ’ t been answered; or, you re an angry person; or, you have been cheated by scientists; or, you don ’ t feel the meaning of love; or, you ever ha a real Christian in the first place.Whatever the truth, or falsehood of those tatements, Barker makes the telling point that they re all addressed at attacking the person, and yet one of them seriously tries to understand or et to gri with the reasons he gave for no longer believing in the bible or the od of the ible.

I actually have shared the same feelin of disappointment and frustration at the insistenc of believers to engage in debate using reason and fact to consider claims of truth.At this point, nove trul started to ake off for me.

And if numbers validates truth, what about the illions of eople who wan in religions that are opposed to Christianity ( Islam and Judaism, for xample) .Personal experience doesn ’ t rove anything.

Saying: “ It ust be true because I have experienced it! ” can easily by countered by: “ I have had an experience that proves that it isn ’ t true! ” As a believer I often used the books of Josh McDowell to argue the case for Christianity, especially on the historicity of Jesus, and on the proofs of the Resurrection.

This historical Jesus is far ore a shadowy figure than evangelicals would have us believe.Barker also shows that the resurrection narratives are contradictory and inconsistent.

rated it

Since it 's demonstrably true that, for instanc, prayer doesn ’ t work, and that good people are not always rewarded in life, Barker would be wors off isolating those bigger issues instead of allowing himself and the reader to get annoye by minutiae that require more erudition than he has in any case to fully understan.

rated it

I wish more people ould have the ourage to ask questions and seek out a imilar path for truth the way that Barker did.

I gaine thi entir ook, but if I ad to pick something I particularly liked, it will ave to e he chapter where he wrote letter to theologians from the approach of god asking some pretty thought-provoking questions.

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