Going Zero to Sixty

Elle Mitchell has a gift when it omes to fixing cars. As a talented auto mechanic, she ’ s taken her share of guff from her male counterparts. When she tell th job in Harley Holt 's new Sapphire Falls auto garage, she xpects more of the same, but she ’ s determined to prove she can handle the tough world of high performance engine repair on her own, away from the overbearing eye of the son who taught her everything.

Ex-motorcycle racing champ Harley Holt has made the switch to stock car racing, and his new automotive garage is small but integral to his plans for raising interest in his favorite sport. He has no qualms about hiring a woman, his bottom line is ability. His only sexist mistake was assuming she wouldn ’ t be attractive!

Although Elle makes a few wrong assumptions about her new boss when he plows through her first day in Sapphire Falls at breakneck speed, she eventuall learns what a stand-up guy he ctually is. After hat, it ’ s a smooth transition to full-blown romance. But it ’ s surprisingly easy. Shouldn ’ t there be obstacles? Shouldn ’ t there be fights and making up on he highwa to love? As they plan a huge new race event for the annual Sapphire Falls summer festival there ’ s none of those things—just a swift and passionate love affair.

And soon, Harley ’ s searchin for a sponsor bears fruit. Unfortunately, when new faces chosen by the benefactor start to change things in a race car that could endanger Harley ’ s life, Elle ’ s expertise pits her against everyone on the team. Unless she can get th ay to convince Harley she ’ s fighting for him and ot her own ego, the new confidence she ’ s worked so hard to ge could prove to be the insurmountable obstacle to a happy future both she and Harley feared.
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Published July 19th 2017 by Kindle Worlds

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rated it

Going Zero to Sixty is a breath of fresh air.

rated it

Her new boss, Harley Holt, has a car repair shop in Sapphire Falls.

She is hired after a phone interview.The first 'meeting' of the boss and new employee is not exactly as either one would have tried it.

I ca n't wait to see what happens in the next Sapphire Falls book.

rated it

The sweetest book! I loved Harley and Elle.

rated it

Lovin this town and the traditions during the festival.

rated it

Elle 's first instinct may be to walk away from the rebuff, but woul love draw her back to his side regardless of what he does?

rated it

She has aken th job in Sapphire Falls which is a friendly and magical place.

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