Grimm Fairy Tales: Tales from Wonderland vol 1

ueen of Hearts, Mad Hatter ( I) and Alice+ " The Experiment& amp; Beyond Wonderland bonus

Collecting the first 3 1-shot issues that comprise Tales From Wonderland

First in ueen of Hearts ( written by Joe Brusha with art by Daniel Liester, colored by Nei Ruffino, lettered by Alphabet Soup 's Jim Reddington): When two young twin girls are pulled into another dimension their purity will not be enough to ave them. Lost, scared and unable to escape, the boy ust find ways to adapt as they eventually ealize that being raised by madness itself is n't all that bad ...

ext, in he tory of Thi Mad Hatter, ( part 1) ( written by Ralph Tedesco with art by Joe Dodd, colored by Nei Ruffino, lettered by Alphabet Soup 's Jim Reddington): A local hero has somehow been thrown into insanity as he trie to dapt to thi world intent on taking his mind. But he oon learns that there is nly one way to adapt to the un-adaptable ...

Again, in Sybil ( written by Raven Gregory with art by Vic Orujiniu, colored by Garry Henderson and lettered by Alphabet Soup 's Jim Reddington): Before the horror that tore a family apart, there was a child named Alice who entered a foreign world only to return forever changed. Her sanity would be taken, but her life ould ot be wasted. Witness the story of woma who lost everything only to become an unlikely hero ...

With bonus material " The Experiment ": A scientist discovers a portal to another realm but his obsession proves much more costly than he ever woul have imagined

" Four incredible tales straight from a horror-filled realm unlike no other. Enter a place where madness and terror reign supreme ... Enter the World of WONDERLAND! "

As true bonus also includes a cover gallery and the entire Beyond Wonderland# 0& amp;# 1
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Tales From Wonderland
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Published September 30th 2008 by Zenescope Entertainment

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rated it

A graphic novel shows Lewis Carroll as a researche who found a portal to Wonderland.

rated it

This main reason is the ales From Wonderland issues.

I fel there was some foreshadowing and interest in he tory.

rated it

It doesn ’ t have to be Alice, but it ’ s really hard to ge up with to many torylines.

rated it

I could ’ ve enjoyed tales that probably didn ’ t have anyon to do with the main storyline but maybe that ’ s he case with the other ” Tales From Wonderland ” volumes which I haven ’ t read yet.

rated it

Like the Mad Hatter, was he the uncle who was a ( view spoiler) [ Pedophile?

I sai he story of the 'Red Queen?' and the second Queen?

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