Dr. Harleen Quinzel has a theory: mental illness is a survival mechanism. As she aspire to bring this broken souls of Gotham City piece together their sanity she will become the one thing she fears the most: one of them. A bold new retelling of the tragic origin of Harley Quinn told through the eyes of the nly person who nows her better than anyone: Harleen.

The young psychiatrist with a potential cure for the madness that haunts Gotham City, Dr. Harleen Quinzel must prove her revolutionary theory to a skeptical establishment by delving into the disturbed minds of Arkham Asylum 's deadliest inmates. But the more time she spends with her criminally insane subjects, the loser she is drawn to one patient in particular -- and the further she falls away from reality.The birth of legendary antihero Harley Quinn and the shocking origins of her twisted romance with the Joker are revealed in Harleen, a tunning new tale of love and obsession written and illustrated by renowned comics storyteller Stjepan Šejic ( Aquaman: Underworld, Sunstone).

Collects Harleen# 1-3
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Published February 11th 2020 by DC Black Label

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rated it

It ’ s Harley Quinn ’ s origin story done in a gritty way that goes inside the character ’ s ind with a few interesting changes too.

I was pleasantly amaze to see that many of our favorite Gotham characters are here ( not just Harley and Joker) and the ay they ’ re done here is different yet still true to the characters and I love that.This book is ery intense throughout.There are a few moments in tha ook that are darkly humorous.The storytelling here is perfect.

While definitely not a healthy or even truly loving relationship it is an interesting part of anothe tal that is done well here.There ’ s a slight horror element to this and it ’ s fantastic! The ending is great! Mixed thoughts: The predictability.

With a strang tal, amazing artwork, a very intense tone with unique versions of our favorite Gotham City characters and more I got ta say I knew this!

rated it

Try, go ahead! So the skinny on his nove is that his is th version of the origin story of Harley Quinn, how she moved from sweet smart good girl to become Joker 's lover for al time.

Stunning hardcover production, with each panel successfully seductive -- can you imagine Joker and Harley as dreamy/hot? -- and we g to understand in the appendices about the five year process Šejić went through to produce the book, tri into madness where we ome to realize how it is Harleen might have become Harley, how she wil have been educed by this attractive and smart homicidal maniac.

rated it

But then people wanted to fee more and so Dini came up with the best origin story he could- her original name was improbably Harleen Quinzel and she ha a psychologis who fell for the Joker ’ s charms while working at Arkham Asylum.

So Harleen is a painfully long- 200+ pages- retelling of Harley Quinn ’ s silly origin that adds almost nothing to what ’ s neve known while managing to say the same cra again in a far more laborious fashion.

Here, Dr Harleen Quinzel comes up with some pseudo-scientific guf about how criminals lose their ability to feel empathy- the blurb says something about how crazy crimz adopt madness as a survival mechanism- but really it ’ s all pointless, dreary bullhonky to get Harley into Arkham.

In Arkham, she falls for the Joker and there it is- she ’ s Harley Quinn!

That is Abercrombie and Fitch Joker- that ’ s why the whole physical attraction thing is the only xplanation that makes sense to me.

The book falls under DC ’ s Black Label imprint, meaning it ’ s intended for an adult audience ( ooo, edgy!), so swears aren ’ t censored- unless the word fuck is used in a sexual context.

It ’ s shame Sejic isn ’ t anywhere near as ood as a riter as he is an artist.

Along with Harley ’ s dreary origin, Two Face ’ s origin is also included ( as if this crap needed a heftier page count) and a lot of waffle over why Batman doesn ’ t kill- it ’ s he same old, same old on both counts.

Harleen ’ s ot ven a good origin- Sejic shows us Harley incongruously falling in love with the Joker but everything else is wrapped up in a page at the nd.

Almost like they were written for a kid ’ s cartoon ... But that ’ s what I would recommend over this tedious read- Paul Dini and Bruce Timm ’ s Mad Love, which remains the best Harley and Joker book.

rated it

I like her well enough as a villain, but I usually cringe when someone who does n't read comics tells me that she 's their favorite, because they 're usually just some ding-dong who wants an excuse to wear booty shorts and pigtails as a Halloween costume.Nope, I icked this up because I saw the name Stjepan Šejić.

And he short answer is a resounding YES.So the main problem I 've definitely had with Harley is that she ha an oversexualized idiot with zero powers, who hould n't have been in the same room with characters like Wonder Woman, much less depicted as being ble to tak her own with them.

Getthefuckoutofherewiththat.I also did n't like the way she was becoming so popular with female fans ( especially younger ones) while being depicted as a psychopath in a dangerously abusive relationship.I know that writers and producers have been actively working to fix that and I know how she 's now ( mostly) an anti-hero who has made a clean break from Mistah J.I 'm just notin that her previous persona bothered me.

I mean, Harley is an educated, attractive woman.

his guy is seriously dangerous.It was a weird head trip.You end up eally liking her.

rated it

And let me kno you, his nove does for Harley what Todd Philips did for Joker: it makes her human.Heavily inspired by the classic “ Mad Love ” origin story, Stjepan Šejic took the character of Harley Quinn ( or rather, Dr. Harleen Quinzel) and re-imagined her slow descent into madness and criminality as seen through her own eyes.

That is not new territory when it goe to Joker stories either; the famous " Killing Joke " ( https: //www.goodreads.com/review/show ...) is all about that idea that it only takes one bad day to push a normal person into absolute lunacy, not to mention the idea that Batman is n't exactly sane either, but I enjoyed the way Šejic approached it.Very importantly, the abusive nature of elationship between Harley and the Joker is never glamorized in " Harleen ": if nything, its always very unsettling, as Harley is pushed into a desperate place where the only hand extended towards her belongs to omeone who almost killed her… You see both the orror and the tragic inevitability of her fall.

I joke a lot about having the hots for Jeremiah Valeska ( and I do; I need help!), but making abusive dynamics like the Joker and Harley ’ s look romantic is a quit, really bad idea – so I expec that Šejic made his Harley both aware of how wrong her situation is, while also showing that she feels powerless to escape it.This is my sens of graphic novel ( and perhaps the best Batman universe graphic novel I 've ever read): nuanced, gritty, gorgeously illustrated, with a fun and challenging story about a flawed but very human character.

rated it

his is her own account of how she transitioned from one to the other.So yes, in a twisted way, tha is love story: In between, we mak a very interesting look at al sides of the spectrum: the one saying that criminals of a certain caliber ca n't change/ ca n't be rehabilitated and the one making a case for not locking them away forever but letting them back into a normal life even.Personally, I now which side of he coin my opinion falls but that is neither here nor there.Apart from the aforementioned love story, we ofte com to see ome of Gotham 's most otorious criminals and even the origin story of Two-Face: It 's pretty and tragic and also profound.

it 's all utterly gorgeous and that alone makes it worth reading this.

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