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For Dr. Abby DiMatteo, the long road to Boston ’ s Bayside Hospital has been nything but easy. ow, immersed in the grinding fatigue of her last year as a surgical resident, she ’ s elated when the hospital ’ s elite cardiac transplant team taps her as a potential recruit.

But Abby soon makes an anguished, crucial decision that jeopardizes her entire career. A car crash victim ’ s healthy heart is ready to be harvested; it is immediately cross-matched to a wealthy private patient, Nina Voss. Abby hatches a bold proposa to make sure that the transplant goes instead to a dying seventeen-year-old boy who is lso perfect match.

The consequence are powerful and swift and Abby is shaken but unrepentant—until she meets the rail, tormented Nina. Then th new heart for Nina Voss suddenly appears, her transplant is completed, and Abby makes a horrifying discovery: Nina ’ s heart has not come through the proper channels.

Defying Bayside Hospital ’ s promise for silence, Abby plunges into an investigation that reveals an intricate, and urderous, chain of deceptions. Every move Abby makes spawns a vicious backlash and, in a ship anchored in the stagnant waters of Boston Harbor, a final, grisly discovery lies waiting…
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Published March 13th 2018 by Pocket Books (first published September 1st 1996

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rated it

That dark, action-packed story is one of Gerritsen 's earliest thrillers and even though parts of it are a tad predictable, it was till a fantastic read.

rated it

But Abby soon realises that nothin is obviously wrong with the transplant team.

rated it

She tells writers and I fee this applies to readers as well- " be prepared when you switch genres. " " Thriller writers hunger for respect from the mystery world.

And romance authors — heck, they ’ d just like to stop being dumped on. " Anyway on with my review, Tess Gerritsen 's medical experience shows in her writing, in her mastery of surgical& medical technical details, making for a vivid, authentic& believable story.The Organ Transplant Team at a Boston Hospital is interested in promising surgical resident Abby DiMatteo.

rated it

But it 's just oo easy to ave th female hero who trips over her own feet, makes silly- and then stupid- decisions, gets herself caught more than twic, and cries too damn much; and therefore, always preceded by " I wo n't cry.

rated it

Harvest focuses on organtransplants, and he story involves organ donation on the black market.

rated it

But yes, his as an ncredible, horrifying, heart-racing medical thriller, I enjoyed every single page I read and at the end my heart beat tripled!

And in the beginnin, I ’ m o hankful I still have a beating heart ...........

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