Have Teeth, Will Bite

In the 1890s, attracting the wrong man an be undeadly.
When Roz is reported to a witch hunter for talking to her at, the prim and proper Salem librarian leaves town in a hurry. She does n't have many options, so she bring job as a dance hall girl in the wild west. One of the irls is murdered, and Jonah, a reserved but hunky deputy, suspects the local vampire. But Roz knows it was n't him. She was with him at a time being turned into a ampire against her will.
Roz wants to get closer to Jonah. But to mak he real murdere, she 'll have to cozy up to the saloon 's rough and rowdy customers instead. Being a vampire ight be some protection from the murderer if the ethod of death was n't a stake through the heart.

Prologue from Have Teeth, Will Bite

London at idnight, 1886.
The tavern door blew open, letting in chill wind and an even colder customer. Natasha, a voluptuous blonde spilling out of a lightweight black cloak, stepped in. The door slammed shut.
The bartender looked up and frowned. He met Natasha 's gaze across the smoky, dim-lit distance. Then he turned away fast and began furiously wiping the rough wood bar.
Natasha sniffed the air, and her red lips curled up. She wove toward the bar through mostly empty tables with a strange sinuous grace for a man so large.
When she reached one end of the bar, Natasha began to walk along its length. One by one, she scanned the occupants of each stool. In turn, they met her eyes, and she went on, leaving the mark of varying degrees of nervousness or fear on their faces.
Suddenly, Natasha found an appealing target. She stopped at the side of a young pale-haired man. A roughly dressed workingman -- big-boned, baby-faced, and reeking of innocence and purity. Natasha glanced once at the older man on the next stool, and he silently vacated it.
She sat down and tossed off her cape, drawing the young workman 's eyes to flowing blonde curls that brushed overflowing cleavage. Her impossibly tight girdle created an hourglass figure with a tiny waist. Not having to breathe had its benefits.
Natasha stared into the young an 's eyes. He seemed nervous, but he would n't break away from her gaze. His pale skin became paler and somewhat clammy. She heard his heart rate speed up, and his breathing become fast and shallow.
“ I am Natasha, ” she purred. “ And you are? ”
“ Sam, ” he answered in the toneless voice of a person under compulsion.
“ Come along, Sam. ”
Natasha rose from her stool in one smooth motion and glided out of bar. She did n't stop to pick up her cloak from the loor. It ha mayb a bothersome disguise anyway. Natasha didn ’ t appreciat the cold, but her husband, Dr. Vandergreest, insisted she wear it. Why go to so much trouble anyway? It wasn ’ t as if thos people had the power to do everything to her even if they suspected what she really was.
Her husband ’ s tiresome rules were hard to live with -- or be undead with -- so much of time. Was it any wonder that she needed a little fun in the evenings?
The black carriage waited in front of the in. The black-cloaked coachman and two enormous black horses blended into the night 's dark shadows.
Sam had followed her out as commanded. Natasha turned to him. Sweat dripped down his face in the icy-cold London night. She lifted a pale, shapely arm and gestured toward the complete blackness within the open carriage.
" Get inside. I hunger! " she ordered.


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Horror on the darker side:
Tenderloin- In the dystopian near future, there are two classes of people—the users and the used.
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rated it

There were a lot of things mentioned but not xplained.

rated it

Her familiar Buttons and she could talk telepathically, but because she would orget and talk out loud to the do, a man whose husband kept giving Roz unwanted attention, notices and reports Roz to the Witch Hunters, out of ealousy.

Roz and Buttons escape out west and she starts dancing in a saloon.

rated it

he do would actually say “ meow ” in dialogue within quotes!

She did n't brin enough clues about the illain before the reveal, and I hink hat is really important in a mystery.

We like to puzzle it out along with protagonist, but we need clues to do thi!

rated it

he best things about tha autobiography ha that it ha a quick read and the plot wer a lot of potential.

There were severa plot holes that made thi book somethin of surprisin to try to read, and they start right from the en and never end.

Hav all cats able to read minds in this universe?

rated it

I found the book fascinating, and recommend it.I would like to see more stories featuring Roz, Buttons and Jonas.

rated it

His name is apparently Robert and we are reintroduce to him later as Cowboy Bob, the wner of th bar and dance hall.

She put a stagecoach to New York, with little money or job prospects and then turn up leaving there and moving to the Wild West and getting a job as a dancer in a musi hall.

Jonah believes the main suspect is Cowboy Bob, the dance hall owner.

Barel, Roz knows it wasn ’ t him, as he is evidently a vampire and was turning her into one, without her permission or knowledge, that night!

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