Here I Stand

Did you now that ... government spies can turn on your phone and use the microphone to listen to your thought? ... that lesbian and gay relationships are illegal in 78 countries and can be punished by death? ... that Amnesty recently recorded the highest number of executions globally for more than 25 years?

Through short stories and poetry, twenty-five leading authors and illustrators explore the top human rights issues facing young people today.

ow is time to give th stand and make a difference.

Full list of contributors: Tony Birch, John Boyne, Sita Brahmachari, Kevin Brooks, Kate Charlesworth, Sarah Crossan, Neil Gaiman, Jack Gantos, Ryan Gattis, Matt Haig, Frances Hardinge, Jackie Kay, AL Kennedy, Liz Kessler, Elizabeth Laird, Amy Leon, Sabrina Mahfouz, Chelsea Manning, Chibundu Onuzo, Bali Rai, Chris Riddell, Mary and Bryan Talbot, Christie Watson and Tim Wynne-Jones.
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Published August 4th 2016 by Walker Books

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rated it

Most contributions to the collection have a brief afterwood explaining the context behind the piece, though one of the strongest- 'Barley Wine' by Kevin Brooks does n't have one and I wonder if it 's actually stronger without such.

hat brief quibble aside, this is a smart collection and one which hits home, immensely. 'Here I Stand' has the subtitle of 'Stories That Speak For Freedom', and include a ide range of subject including genital mutilation, human trafficking, terrorism and racism.

Anothe collection is immensely powerful, but as I state alread, Kevin Brooks' contribution was something quite remarkable.

rated it

It does not preach, nor lecture, but gets straight to the point, in an easy to read, and engage with style.Whilst a lot of children will know that such atrocities are happening across the world, they could never nderstand the personal fear, and hurt that those affected will be going through.

rated it

his in no way ffects my opinion* RATED 3.5/5 STARSOh, where to begi with this book.A collection of short tale, essay and even a couple of doodles/comic strips, you get so many hings in a ook.

I eve like it when the authors left notes at the nd of their story, explaining why they wrote about that specific topic.

But his book just shows exactly why we hould be orrying about it, and so just leave it to the people suffering to fight.Obviously, I hate bot stories more than others.

They ’ re ll different subject and different authors, there ’ s no doubt they ’ d ake on various styles.

It ’ s he perfect thing to trial each author, especially with there being a mix of authors I ’ ve heard of – like Neil Gaiman and Frances Hardinge – and authors that are new to me.I ’ m certainly glad I read a ook.

rated it

It must hav great resource to use in reading groups, with each story forming a starting point for thi discussion of the issues it highlights and an opportunity for students to investigate further.

rated it

It ’ s short stories and poems written by 25 authors around the worldThey shade some lights on real and sensitive issues in each and every society such as; Racism, Child busing, LGBT rights, Human rights in general, Suicide, How to cope with pain, Refugees, Terrorism and so on.

rated it

The novels in tha novel are either original accounts from people affected or inspired by true stories.Amnesty International has collected stories about child rap, domestic iolence, refugees, war zones, witch hunts ( yes, nowadays, not hundreds of years in the past), the Suffragette movement and many other topics to illustrate the rights and freedoms many in the estern world enjoy but are not aware of- or are aware that we enjoy these freedoms as a right but do n't say what it is like in the est of he world.

Our freedoms in the UK were gained through a long and often bloody history of slowly establishing limits on the powers of mighty monarchs and tyrannical rulers. [ ... ] But we fail to e ever vigilant, because the freedoms that have been hard won for us can be lost in th moment by the stroke of a politician 's pen [ ... ] We must ll be jealous guardians of our reedoms, and understan that many of the liberties that we enjoy in the West are still being fought for by citizens in other portion of thi world who are ruled by dictators and tyrannical regimes. [ ... ] his ook is inspired by the act that human rights coul be denied or abused even in countries like the UK or the USA, and we need to protec them constantly.

Novel and poetry are a wonderful way of making us fee, helping us nderstand the world and other people.

They take on to point out how they realiz that every person can initiate change and that the rights we have today come from people realizing that and standing together.

Thi interview made me ealize what an idealist this person is and just how easily a country like the US ignores its own rules and does what it wants ( and gets away with it too)!

No wonder Julian Assange ( no matter what you hink of him and the rape allegations) refuses to abando the Ecuadorian embassy! I was truly humbled by the stories here and by realizing that besides any possible personal hardships I had thi great life so far when compared to so many ther people on lanet.

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