Highlander - Amante Imortal

ATENÇÃO: Macho alfa letalmente sedutor, de uma força imensa e sombrio erotismo. Não olhar. Não tocar. Não se deixe tentar. Não se deixe seduzir…

Com os seus longos cabelos negros e olhos escuros magnetizantes, Adam Black significa Sarilhos com S maiúsculo. Imortal, arrogante e intensamente sensual, ele vive através dos tempos e dos continentes em perseguição dos seus apetites insaciáveis. Até ao dia em que uma maldição o destitui da sua imortalidade e o torna invisível- cruel destino para homem tão irresistível. Agora a única esperança de sobrevivência para Adam está nas mãos da única mulher que o pode realmente ver. Para Gabrielle, uma estudante de Direito amaldiçoada com a capacidade de ver ambos os mundos, é o início de uma longa e perigosa sedução. Quando a demanda de Adam para recuperar a sua imortalidade os faz mergulhar num mundo de magia intemporal, o preço da rendição bem pode ser a própria vo. Tudo por um destino que poucos mortais jamais conhecem: um glorioso, assombroso, infindável amor…
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The Immortal Highlander
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Published July 9th 2010 by Saída de Emergência (first published August 2004

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( Review= https: //www.goodreads.com/review/show ...)# 5 The Dark Highlander- 4 stars:) ( Review= https: //www.goodreads.com/review/show ...

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His avoured glamour is that of an intensely sexual Highland blacksmith with a powerful rippling body, golden skin, long dar air, and dul, mesmerizing eyes.

Oh* sighs dreamily* Adam Black, sex is not the answer.

- Gabrielle O ’ Callaghan, on Adam Black.

That of course is the tory of Adam Black and Gabrielle O ’ Callaghan and is easily the best I have read so far in th series.

Gabrielle withstood Adams charms for an awfully long time and just when you feel something was finally oing to happen – they get .... interrupted.

KMM made these two characters work for each other, with Adam perpetually trying to seduce Gabrielle.Faults?

I haven ’ t laughed out loud in a nove like this for shor time.

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His avored glamour is that of an intensely sexual Highland blacksmith with a powerful rippling body, golden skin, long dar air, mesmerizing eyes.

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The Immortal Highlander was another 5+ instalment from the Highlander series:) Karen Marie Moning just keeps getting better and better with every book:) I 've read thi irst one and did n't like it much, but in anothe way I 'm sorr because Adam Black first appeared in thi one:) Although, I have to think, he was pretty ad in the eginning, I should definitely have thought he 'd et his own novel, he was like he goo guy: O But boy am I glad he did<3In the previous book Adam sacrifices a part of his life force to save Dageus's life, and for that he is punished by his queen.

So he, of course again, want to kidna her XD They had their happy moments, but i 'm kinda upset the first sex took so long to happen: PPP But oh well XD Drustan and Dageus appeared in tha one, oh how I hated that part<3 <3 And one of the best scenes is when they see Adam hahahahahah that was great :)The ending - wow the ending was just perfect!

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Adam Black has piqued my curiosity in the previous Highlander books: A larger than life Fae, a Tuatha De, arrogant, sparkly beautiful, glamorous, unpredictable, sexual, a player, Queen ’ s onsort.

He loves playing with the animal ’ lives, plotting and pretending being God.Gabrielle " Gabby " O ’ Callaghan is a Sidhe-seer and she has he bility to see both worlds; mortal and faery ( once again I wish I had read his series before Fever ...) .Gabby is trying to hard to live normal life.

his is something that her grandmother taught her…because fairies are manipulative, soulless, and ncapable of feeling anything.

How will he fall in love, when he is not intende to feel anything.This is by far my favorite nove in anothe series.

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