Hisses and Honey


The climactic final volume of The Venom Trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Shannon Mayer.

Humble baker turned supernatural Alena Budrene is lovely and lethal, and for irst time, she ’ s owning it. Finally rid of her low-life ex-husband, she ’ s free to date sexy vampire mob boss Remo, who respects her as both a Supe and a oman. She ’ s on good terms with her difficult fathe, and she ’ s growing comfortable with her powers.

But just when it eems things are falling into place for Alena, Hera strikes again: the Aegrus virus rages across Seattle, threatening the life of veryone in its path—including Remo, infected by Hades. The only ay to stop the carnage is to face Hera and her army in a no-prisoners battle to determine the fate of human race—and Alena ’ s future.

In this sweeping voyage from the Seattle bar scene to a netherworld populated by murderous gods and monsters, Alena confronts one adversary after another on a quest to set he world right for both humans and Supes and demonstrate her power—to the gods and to herself—once and for all.

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Published March 7th 2017 by 47North

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rated it

Thi character growth that takes place in mere weeks, the way multiple fantasy genres come together, and tight and fast paced plot speaks volumes to Shannon 's ability to craft worlds and write stories.

rated it

I hought the wrap up of the ARC was a little silly though it kept with the all the crumbles left throughout the series.I really did n't fin her other 's decision toward the end.

Like the uthor anted at least one casualty.The whole thing about her dad being a warlock came out of nowhere.

Because why would her dad not change her or Tad. Supposedly it was because he did n't have enough juice to do it or because of her mom did n't know him to.

I lso know the author gave into peer pressure from the reviews to make Alena curse.

ow I have to decide if I 'll read other books out by his write.

There is no sex at all in this book/series, not even fade to black.

rated it

While this isn ’ t erfect, and all things I think should have been drawn out ( scenes with Remo!) and others could have been expanded on ( her yaya!

This world as it stands now!), plus some things seemed out of character or thrown in that felt cheap ( her mum), tha was already a fun series and one I enjoyed falling into.

rated it

Having obtained her divorce and bested Theseus on live V, Alena has gained the respect of humans and become a champion of the paranorma community.

With the virus now having reached pandemic levels and the pantheons already choosing their sides, Alena must travel to the ends of the plane and the very depths of hell ( literally) resulting in a final showdown with Hercules and the hydra and finally Hera herself.

rated it

I hate everything about this trope from the sacrificial lamb of a relationship to the insta-love-replacement.Exhibit B: Alena ( view spoiler) [ DIES ( hide spoiler) ].

Obviously, there are a select few that ca be handled with extreme care such as ( view spoiler) [ killing the protagonist ( hide spoiler) ]!

rated it

Book 3 Hisses and Honey blew all that away and I truly oved it!

Only to mention an evil Hydra that Alena must battle, which was awesome! Overall I was disappointed with book three in a series and I too like it, despite it ot being about topics I really ant to writ.

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