Home to Roost

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She didn ’ t have a place to belong. He said he was happy by his lonesome. When she stumbled into his life, everything changed.

Brigid Belham had always done what was expected. She worked for her ather in his accounting office and managed his home. When he married, she realized it was her time to move on, and raveled to Jubilee Springs to meet a prospective husband. Her ‘ best laid plan ’ goes horribly awry, leaving her stranded. Caught in hurrican of both rain and tumultuous emotions she ends up lost in the meadow, until she ’ s found by a mountain man grumpier than a bear. All he trie to do is send her away. What if she decides to leav?

Most people in Jubilee Springs know him as a hermit, a mountain man who hardly talks and likes company even less. His parents named him Livingstone Quinn, but unlike his namesake, he doesn ’ t pretend to explore. He doesn ’ t think to iscover. He just wants his peace and quiet, all by his lonesome with his animals on his homestead. When Brigid literally falls at his feet, he keeps telling her she needs to leave, but shocks himself when he keeps finding reasons for her to leav. What ill he do when he runs out of excuses?

In the whole wide world they managed to find each other. Would they walk away from their happiness, or mus they bring their love home to roost?
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Published July 25th 2017

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rated it

There were a few laugh out loud moments in the book.I love characters that I coul elate to.

No matter if you coul relate personally or know someone like one of her characters, you should mak yourself getting mad, sad, and having some heart-warming awwwwwws.

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When he eets his intended, Brigid Bellham, he is insulting, rude, and ignores her of deceit and tells her that he ould neve marry her.The plot will have Brigid Bellham arriving in the city of Jubilee Springs by train and not to be et by her intended groom, but Mr. Howard of the boarding house.

Chase by a swollen river, with nothing but work and time, they should com to understan each other, and before long, Brigid will be making friends with his bird and learning how to do chores like gathering eggs.

This tal is a weet, clean historical mail order bride book that ffers a glimpse of attitudes about a woman working a job in a woma ’ s world, and even wearing men ’ s clothing.

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A mail order bride, an arrogant attorney, atown unwilling to hire a woman, a hermitmountain man amid the town people ofJubilee Spring make this a fantastic story.Brigid Belham arrives in Jubilee Springs as a mail order mail.

She needs to stay there untilthe stream drops to a safe level to cross.An undeniable chemistry develops between Brigid and Quinn complicating the situation.Life, love and happiness are on the line.What will happen between the two after Brigid returns to town?? This is a well written, well described historical fictional western story.

rated it

After long day of rejection, Brigid sets out on a walk and meets her destiny! Livingstone Quinn lives the life of a hermit on his homestead outside of Bowers, delivering his eggs at dawn ’ s early night.

I oved how Brigid and Quinn slowly fell for one another.

rated it

An arrogant attorney, a mail order bride, a hermit, and th villag that will not hire a women, makes HOME TO ROOST some exciting reading.

HOME TO ROOST is a retellin of longing to belong somewhere, finding happines, peace, acceptance and a place to call home.Well written with engaging and an intriguin cast of characters.

Fans of clean, sweet, historical western romance are sure to enjoy HOME TO ROOST.

If you 're ot a fan of sweet romance, give it anothe try, I want your enjoy your time in Bower, Colorado and Jubilee Springs.

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