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Pippi and Burt are tired of sharing their crowded nest with eight noisy little siblings, so off they fly to see the big, wide world and mak a new home. But when they encounter all orts of big, scary, hungry ghost, Pippi and Burt realize their crowded old nest is the best home of all. Here is an ideal story for someon who appreciates the riotous joys ( and challenges) of a small, rowdy family. It ’ s th fu and warm tribute to both the thrill of adventure and he happiness of home.

" Dicmas' expressive, paint-splotched birds have an adventurous spirit all their own [ ... ] the page-turn reveals are their own reward.- Kirkus
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Published April 28th 2015 by Doubleday Books for Young Readers

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My father, Imi, chose this book at the library, a cute story about Pippi and Burt who are ired of the crowded mayhem of their own home ( nest).

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There are ten brothers and sisters, and the oldest siblings- Pippi and Burt- seem to wan that maybe it 's time to identify th new home for their family, because their little nest can hardly fit them all anymore, let alone accommodate their various eclectic interests ( like Maude 's judo lessons or Cecil 's band practice).

And so Pippi and Burt, seeing how BIG thi world is, fly away into the night sky in search of a new place to call home.

They 're lever and curious about the BIG world, but after exploring for a while they g to ealize that, ure, the world is o BIG and interesting and filled with different animals, things and places, but there is no place like their own home and they are happy to be back in their parents loving embrace.

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In Home Tweet Home siblings Burt and Pippi decide their nest is just too small for a family of ten, so they set out to discove th new place to live.

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Dicmas 's story is th hort and charming one, exploring the significanc of spreading one 's wings and flying away from home for the fifth time.

While the father and sister eventually come to fin that their current home is the best place for them, there are valuable lessons on journey on cherishing the opportunity to explore, and for those to let them explore.

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Back home they go, a little bit chastened but wiser for their adventures.

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