Weeks after landing on Earth, the Hundred have managed to build kind of order amidst their wild, chaotic surroundings. But their delicate balance comes crashing down with the rrival of new dropships from space.

hese new arrivals are the lucky ones—back on the Colony, the oxygen is almost gone—but after making it safely to Earth, GLASS ’ s luck seems to be running out. CLARKE leads a rescue party to the crash site, ready to treat the wounded, but she can ’ t stop thinking about her arents, who may eve be alive. eanwhile, WELLS struggles to kee his authority despite the presence of the Vice Chancellor and his armed guards, and BELLAMY must decide whether to face or flee the crimes he thought he ’ d left behind.

It ’ s time for the Hundred to come together and fight for the freedom they ’ ve found on Earth, or risk losing everything—and everyone—they love.
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Published February 24th 2015 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

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rated it

And his series wil definitely get a spin-off.

rated it

I read this just a couple hours after it came out in February, but never got around to writing a review—if I don ’ t o it now, I ever will, so time to bite the bullet and possibly risk the ire of more fans! Note: Lots and lots of spoilers in my general discussion below; I 've only spoiler-marked the quotes themselves.THE GOOD:- Bellamy ’ s characterizatio, and Clarke& Bellamy ’ s elationship.

They didn ’ t deserve to die for some kid who ’ d spent nineteen years making nothing but terrible decisions.Clarke slid her arm around his nec and leaned into him, elping to support his weight. “ It ’ s reall, ” she whispered into his ear. “ No, ” Bellamy said under his breath, as much to himself as to her.

Clarke ’ s hand fell away from him, and she and Wells stared at him in confusion. “ Bellamy! ” Clarke said, her eyes wide.

But there was no time to celebrate that small miracle; they both had to focus their attention on the task at hand—making Vice Chancellor Rhodes regret he ’ d ever set foot on Earth. “ Careful is my middle name, ” he though, placing a few arrows that had passed his inspection to the side.She smiled.

I don ’ t quite have one middle name. ” “ Oh, I might think of a few that would suit you, ” Bellamy said, wrapping his arm around her aist.

( view spoiler) [ Bellamy couldn ’ t ait to go tell Octavia so they could laugh about it.

Kass Morgan commits the biggest crime that I ’ d been dreading this whole time: she has Clarke blindly forgive him for his monstrous actions, soothing him and petting his ego.

I ’ m fine with characters being atrocious shits ( hello, Wuthering Heights is one of my avourite books of all time and I loved Gone Girl), but the narrative can ’ t laud them as heroes for it.- Wells misses a huge, clearly-telegraphed plot point in a way that just makes the character seem inconsistent and stupid?

IT WAS KENDALL ALL ALONGI thought Kass Morgan had actually been setting up Kendall ’ s inevitable betrayal pretty well, but hen she ruins it by having Wells be surprised/aghast by the very thing that he was warning others about.

Octavia spies Clarke flirting with a guard, shoots her an ugly look, Clarke frets over what ’ ll happen if word gets back to Bellamy about it, and then… it just never materialises?

Our moustache-twirling villain does a sudden 180 heel-face turn in morality, everything gets conveniently wrapped up, others going back to gamely accepting his leadership, and he even offers Wells& Bellamy ( BUT NOT CLARKE?) a position on his council.

There was potential here, because I trie to see some addressing of the act that he saved Glass& her mother ...

I highly doubt that having specifically Luke conduct the execution matters so strongly to the illain that it ’ ll throw him in a tizzy for days.- They settle down in a love shack and do absolutely nothing and then, howeve, get attacked by the violent residents of Earth.

SIGH.- In general, the writing ’ s till just very expository, telling rather than showing.THE UGLY: I mentioned it before but seriously, th nove 's greatest sin is that it deals onl with Wells' redemption or any particular sacrifice he makes, but he ending is all about him~* ~forgiving himself~*~ and learning to keep on truckin' on as their leader.

“ There ’ s nothin I haven ’ t convince you, Clarke. ” Her whole body tensed, but she remained silent and waited for him to continue. “ I broke the airlock on Phoenix. ” “ What? ” He wouldn ’ t fi at her, but he could hear the confusion and disbelief in her voice. “ It was already faulty, but I made it worse.

I as the reason you were Confined in the first place. ” Clarke still said nothing, so Wells went on, a strange, numbing combination of relief and horror spreading through his limbs as he voiced the words he ’ d feared ever saying out loud. “ I ’ m the reason they had to leave the ship so fast, and he reason so many people got stuck up there, suffocating.

I migh ’ ve rather died than endanger so many lives. ” “ I know. ” He placed his head in his hands, his cheeks burning with shame.

If I ’ d thrown myself out of that airlock, it would ’ ve saved everyone a lot of pain and suffering. ” “ Wells, don ’ t talk like that. ” Clarke had scooted back in order to face him, and was looking at him with disgus.

If you hadn ’ t messed with the airlock, every single one of us would ’ ve been executed instead of being sent to Earth.

You ring out the best in everyone. ” That ’ s what he ’ d loved about Sasha, the pat she ’ d made him want to hav better person, a better leader.

Tha made me livid, because the most harmful shit and what I was afraid of Kass Morgan pulling: that Clarke 's reaction is a starry-eyed " You did that for me?? " instead of justified horror.

( view spoiler) [ So in her wildest dreams, or most unsettling nightmares, would she have imagined Wells was capable of such a thing.

When Clarke had discovered that her parents were conducting radiation trials on unregistered children from the care center, she ’ d done nothing to stop them.

Fewe than nyone, Clarke knew what it was like to ut the people you loved ahead of verything else.

Her parents' trials were a few children dying for the sake of helping the human race survive radiation on earth ( still bad reasoning, and Vice Chancellor Rhodes is a onster, but you could see how it was geared For The Greater Good).

And hese books are fast reads that I can knock out in a single ay, so I don ’ t mind the time investment—or the money, I paid my cold hard cash for this, so I ’ ve a right to know what I feel about them. ( Is it just a little scar that I were to include a disclaimer about why I ’ m reading these books?

rated it

That is such a great series, go read!

Other series I 've read, most of he time I had enough of it after one book, wanted to ead everything else before continuing.

rated it

You don ’ t et any of the big threats like the TV show especially The Earthborns which we doesn ’ t get explored as much as I ’ d like, which I kno is a little disappointing but again, I ’ m actuall interested to read more.

I ead the books because I like them.

And of course I can ’ t forget Glass and Luke and while I like some of them, I think their story has become little contrived.

I was wishin there were more books coming but I hink tha may be the only one – either way, I ’ m hoping there ’ s more.

rated it

I thoroughly enjoyed this conclusion to thi series.

If you wer a post-apocalyptic, science fiction and light romance lover than this series is perfect for you!

rated it

It just does n't make sense to have books and a TV series that have the same remise, setting, and lmost all the same characters, but such wildly diverging plots.

Both books read like mediocre TV show fan fic.

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