Homie is Danez Smith ’ s magnificent anthem about the saving grace of friendship. Rooted in the loss of one of Smith ’ s close friends, ook bring out of the search for joy and intimacy within a nation where both can seem scarce and getting scarcer. In poems of rare power and enerosity, Smith argue that in th country overrun by iolence, xenophobia, and disparity, and in body defined by race, queerness, and diagnosis, it should be ard to survive, even harder to remember reasons for living. But hen the phone lights up, or a shout comes up to the window, and family—blood and chosen—arrives with just the right food and some redemption. Part friendship diary, part bright elegy, part war cry, Homie is the exuberant new book written for Danez and for Danez ’ s riends and for you and for yours.
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Homie: Poems
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Published January 21st 2020 by Graywolf Press

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rated it

There is a poem in th collection that touches on this, on what I presume is the oet ’ s ay of epicting the mindset of someone ’ s conflic with suicide.

I ’ ll leave you with a part of that poem: “ where hav you keeping my friends?

Read collection.

rated it

I think that a 3-stars-rating might seem too average to encompass the genius that Danez Smith is, but since I have read their entire body of work, I like to ge things into perspective.

And if I compare Homie to its previous works- Black Movie ( 4 stars) and Do n't Call Us Dead ( 5 stars) – it simple was n't as good.

( It was always good though, do n't forge.) With Homie, Danez wanted to rea the ook for their people, their acquaintance, the peeps whom they hold dear.

Danez lets us forge that tha is always the title for the world, but their new collection also has a title for their people: My Nig. Danez just did n't want non-black people to say My Nig out loud.

I will only recommend Homie because even an average Danez Smith is much worse than what most contemporary modern plots can come up with.

Homie is not a collection without its faults and there re certainly some poems in here that could 've used more revision.

rated it

Smith plays with form in several translation.

rated it

When I read [ insert ] boy last summer, I ha ot expecting to be heard, to e show, to be purged of the eril that once mastered my life.

Smith 's latest masterpiece contains some of the most indelible lyrics you 'll ever read — from those of multicultural harmony ( " shout out to my niggas in Mexico ") to those of queer youth groping through the ether of violence and desire ( " saw a video of a mo of bees swarming…, " " jumped! ") to the infinite scroll of crushing confessionals from the heart of an HIV survivor ( " undetectable, " " all the good dick lives in Brooklyn Park ").

By turns silver-tongued and soul-bearing, Homie lays bare all the means by which prejudice, queerness, sickness, and death have made exit wounds of the Black body.

rated it

Hate the unapologetic blackness and queerness of this poetry collection.

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