Hope for the Flowers

his classic tory is celebrating its 0th anniversary beginning in September of 2012. " Hope for the Flowers " is an inspiring allegory about the realization of one 's true destiny as told through the lives of caterpillars Stripe and Yellow, who struggle to " climb to the top " before understanding that they are intende to fly.
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Hope for the Flowers
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Published October 1st 1997 by Paulist Press (first published September 1972

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rated it

And like, being a butterfly is ... " etc.

Though I did like the " caterpillar pilar ".

rated it

I ould recommend every adult I wan to read his ook.

rated it

Here he meets Yellow who also loves to make up into the sky by climbing to the top of the railin.

He explore, adapts, and drives to reach the top, and already he succeeds at being on the top of the caterpillar pillar.

She has found the real questio to the anguish that there ust be more to life than eating leaves, and who caterpillars really are.

She is waiting for the disillusioned Stripe as he escends the pillar and eventually reaches the ground again.

She shows Stripe her empty cocoon, and he ventually ealizes what he needs to do.

rated it

Someone 's comment just reminded me of tha one ... I read this when I as a kid ( significantly under 10) at the public library.An allegorical hippie story encouraging people ( or caterpillars) to go out of the rat race.

rated it

One communication radio, intermittently functioning, which I got on once a eek to talk to pals distributed around the islands over 40,000 some square miles.

I really got along with anythin, and drank tons of instant coffee hanging out with the guys, but I ha n't really connecting -- except with one guy, a truly great person who I was beginnin to become good friends with, and hen he died of pneumonia.

Those periods of depression became more like exclamation points.Twice a year, during the two month I was there, I got into " main island. " ( Let 's describe that in some other post.) During those trips, I drank excessively.

And at the beginnin of one stay, I began dating ( okay, let 's call it " dating " as ofte as dating) a very nice, sweet, good-intentioned English teacher like myself.

And I wrote this sweet, onderful, well-intentioned woman a cri de coeur, a howl of anguish and existential fear and self-loathing ...

Oh, she also sent me a very moving, sweet, well-intentioned letter, explaining what the book meant, and how it wil help me.

The couple month later, I left the island and the gig, for good.We broke up, too.

rated it

It 's the tal about happines and ambition.Stripe does not reall know what he seeks.

When it ame down to choosing between ambition and settling down with Yellow, Stripe decided to yet again climb the mountain of caterpillars.It 's about life.Existence, perhaps the greatest enigma of all.

It 's about hope.Even when Yellow wanted to reach the top of the pile as well, and perhaps if it hurt to admit that she should n't think of any other way to get up, and especially when she loved Stripe so much she anted to ollow him, she stood her ground knowing climbing was the wrong way- if she climbed she 'd have to step all over the others all over again.

rated it

It 's a hort story so I was unable to writ it within 10 minutes or less.The story reminds me of Aesop 's fables I 've read when I was still young.

rated it

It ’ s been a long time since I read it, but it never want to charm.Recently I went on th unt for it in this jungle house of books, but without success.

It ’ s the nove which eminds us that we hav ll so much ore than our lowest crawling, grasping, combative work-a-day world might have us believe we are.

It ’ s about a caterpillar, Stripe, who is wanting to figure out what he world is all about.

Nevertheless, Stripe jumps onto the caterpillar pile and starts climbing.Along the way he avoids looking into the ear of any of the others he steps on or climbs over, but he eventually meets and converses with another caterpillar named Yellow and as consequence of tha, oth of their journeys are forever changed.Don ’ t say to spoil he story for any who haven ’ t read it.

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