Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…

That ’ s what seventeen-year-old Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she ’ s alway had before. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of just one encounter, and stuf about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from past that she wishes could just stay buried.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he ’ s othing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn ’ t at all who he ’ s been claiming to be. When the secrets he ’ s been keeping are finally revealed, every single aspec of Sky ’ s life will change forever.
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Published December 19th 2012(first published December 17th 2012

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rated it

And obviously, she is also the type of woma who does not get attracted to boys much, gets bored while making out and never gets butterflies.But all that changes when she call him for first time.Dean Holder.As soon as she lays her eyes on him, she immediately notices three things -- 1) His amazingly perfect white teeth hidden behind that seductively crooked grin.2) The dimple that form in crevices between the corner of his ips and cheeks when he smiles.3) She 's pretty sure she 's having a hot flash.Or she has butterflies.Or maybe she 's coming down with a stomach virus.The feeling is so foreign, she 's not sure what it is.And so their story starts!! But Readers, this is no ordinary boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love story!! I watched ... Breathless, speechless, helpless, .... Something extraordinary rise!!

rated it

Potential casting for Holder by Colleen ^^^ EVERYONE DROP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ THIS BOOK!!!!!

Colleen Hoover ’ s writing is absorbing, captivating, and flows so smoothly you barely feel the pages slipping by.After just reading the prologue, I.

It makes you a taste of where the story is headed and just grabs at your heart in way that makes you just WAN to know more.When Sky meets Holder, her life changes.

With just a touch of bad boy, lickable dimples, a crooked smile and a tattoo, this moody, mysterious and endearing hot guy with a temper just utterly stole my heart.

Every single thing they went though and did was believable and just made you wish you knew them in person.I loved that thi tory was serious but little parts made me laugh out, breaking up the more emotionally charged scenes.

I swooned, squeed, proclaimed my undying love for he ook, and had to take breathers to wipe the tears that sprung up on me more than once.I felt so in sync with Sky ’ s motions and journey.

I felt like I went through all her emotions without ever once feeling disconnected.

She ha a wonderfully strong, brave heroine – the kind you want to look up to and make you feel proud of.This book has the.

But I am not kidding, it was one of the best written kisses I ’ ve ever read! I loved that thi tal was emotionally charged but with absolutely no stupidity.

“ Life is real and sometimes it ’ s ugly and you just have to earn how to cope. ” This is a quite simply a beautiful story about love and survival.

rated it

I ’ m ot sure how to put into words how much I adored the book!

One of the best I ’ ve read this year!

I love all Colleen Hoover ’ s books, her writing is awesome- but this is by far the best!

his is Sky and Holder ’ s tory.

One of the best things about Sky is the way she handles this ...

But I now it sucked and I have no idea why you aren ’ t crying right now, but I know your heart hurts, and s even your pride.

When Sky see ’ s Holder for the irst time, somethings strange happens ...

Holder and Sky have some crazy chemistry.

Wow. He ill fin you swoon, make you melt, make you scream, and frankl just steal your heart.

Sky felt so strongly for Holder, and he felt the same way about her.

I never ant to take on and on about their relationship and all the twists and turns and the complexity of this book- but I ill not spoil it!

“ Because the sky is always beautiful.

It ’ s my favorite thing because I kne if I ever get lost or lonely or scared, I just have to look up and it ’ ll be there no matter what ...

and I say it ’ ll definitely be beautiful. ”

One of the best ooks I have read this year!!!!!

rated it

I ha ot ready for this book I disliked as much as I loved it.I

It took effort to turn the pages, to ake my brain comprehend and accept that life is n't about fluffy love and happily ever afters.

“ My lack of access to the real world has been replaced completely by books, and it an ’ t be healthy to live in a land of happily ever afters. ”

Sky kissed Holder 's wounds, bandaged them with love and held them together with her bare hands.

Holder on the other hand, I welcomed him with open arms in my book boyfriends list.

“ I live you, Sky, " he ays against my lips.

I live Hopeless.

It may ot be my favorite CoHo book, but I recommend it to all of you who want to fin th unique love story that rised from the ashes of two tormented hearts.

rated it

I was understandably nervous, because in the past such high ratings usually mean that I ’ m one person on he eart who ’ s oing to HATE it.

But when you try to shut the door of your car to get bac from him, he won ’ t let go of it and demands your name again.

Of course not, that 'd be mean.

He looks at it for a minute and hands it back, saying that he ’ s oka, he thought you were someone else.

You ’ re bent over trying to catch your breath when he neaks up behind you and says, " Hello ".

You trust that he didn ’ t slip some GHB into it because he ooks like this: You start chatting about your run while you try to catch your breath and mention that you have another mile or so to go.

But don ’ t orry, organ harvesters and serial killers never look like this: Now, you ’ re a little unsettled, so you try to leave.

You contemplate leaving anyway, but when the door opens again and he wants you he ’ s running back to your house with you, you obviously acquiesce because, I mean, COME ON, the dude looks like this: Stil, replace every one of these: With this: Kind of changes your perspective a little, doesn ’ t it?

Just because someone has the face of an angel it doesn ’ t mean they won ’ t cut you up into little pieces.

rated it

Here 's hoping! When I tarted this experiment with the New Adult genre, I felt I was lookin to ave to face a lot of things that I ould n't like.

his genre has become known, during it 's short lifetime, for its sexism, its slut-shaming, its poor writing, its eyeroll worthy characters and its creepy portrayal of young male/female relationships.

Yes, it comes with the sual " girl with issues " plotline and the " reformed bad boy " love interest, but Hoover writes in a way that 's engaging, she weaves humour into every conversation to make you warm to the story and characters almost instantly.

If the author ad just been brave enough to challenge the stereotype, to steer clear of the assumed negative correlation between sexuality and morality, then this could have been a very different and a much better book.Another thing that bothers me is the shallow obsession with looks in this book.

Sky pauses for all of five seconds to think it 's eird that he knows these things, but soon she gets distracted by his beautiful eyes or perfect muscles.No, literally, she faints.

She faints because he 's so hot.More than that, Sky is immediately cured of her numb, lack-of-butterflies affliction as soon as she sees Mr Beautiful.

For one, who grabs your face the second time they meet you?

I would especially not take water from people I know are bad news, but I 'm hirsty. " And stupid.This book tells girls and women to ignore the valuable advice their parents gave them when they were young about what to do if approached by a trange man who offers you a drink and appears to know something about your life, including where you live.

It ells them to ignore all of his because he has a pretty face.

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