Hot Gimmick, Vol. 3

Lovestruck Ryoki wants Hatsumi and makes no bones about it. But worse, Azusa invites Hatsumi to a private party with her shady friends to find out what he 's eally up to. With people plotting against her from all sides, guess who ends up saving Hatsumi from bad and worse?
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ホットギミック, 3
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Published March 17th 2004 by VIZ Media LLC (first published May 25th 2002

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rated it

Exhibit A: Azusa, her childhood friend and the guy she has a crush on, attempts to have her gang-raped (!) as some kin of fucked up revenge scheme ( unfortunate).

rated it

apparently.i do n't nderstand the role of Ryoki 's mother in anything.

rated it

It 's perverse, it 's twisted and there 's no excuse.Asuza 's treatment of Hatsumi almost makes how Ryoki treats her okay in comparison.

Thi said, he truly only has eyes for Hatsumi, he says to destro her, and as the volume progress, we realize that he also tells her to be his wife.

It 's nice to see him beginning to turn things around.

rated it

Azusa is so cold-hearted that he loves to seek vengeanc on Hatsumi 's father by filming her being gang-raped by a group of male models.

Aihara must have a twisted ense of romance if she hinks his is a romantic story.

is yet a manga warning young girls about naivity and abusive relationships, this is ery much meant to hav th romance tory, and it 's just fucked up.Oh ..

rated it

the waste of air has made multiple rape attempts on hatsumi, he needs to GO.

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