Nineteen-year-old spy Christy Hadden ca n't wait for her latest assignment for Division 57 posing as a student at th prestigious New York City academy and car thief extraordinaire. It ’ s asy enough. Infiltrate the car-theft ring and retrieve a stolen car. No problem.

Thi best part of he mission is her attractive handler, Jeremy. The hardes part? The sociopath masquerading as the academy 's most popular guy. The very one she ’ s intended to get close to.

But suddenly she ealizes the thieves are much more than they eem. Her simple spying mission becomes more dangerous than anyone imagined and retrieving the car is the least of her feeling. If the organization discovers her true identity, they wo n't esitate to war her, and if she refuse, others will suffer the same fate.
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Published October 20th 2014 by O'neal Publishing

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rated it

I enjoyed Adrenaline Rush, but I adore book ven better!

There are reasons for her team to question why they 're nvolved in this assignment and it turns into something much large than they originally anticipated.The man she end up against in this ook, Alexander, is dangerous and scary.

I love Christy 's interactions with her team.

rated it

I ca n't remembe enough about how much I love Christy, her character just gets better and better with each new story.

I love how there ends up a little part of each of the eople that she 's been in each new book.

I want it 's pretty crazy how this whole book revolves around high school students stealing cars for an who knows what.

rated it

I wa the great time reading Hotwire.

rated it

She 's ot alone as her team, Agents Hallius, Ace, and Jeremy, back her up every step of the way.I really enjoyed Christy as our main protagonis.

As I mentioned above, she as n't alone on this mission at all, and s much as I do to get her credit for the success they 've accomplished, I honestly have to applaud her back up as well.

Hank, who she considered a good riend, but only conversated with a few times in the entire story.Gina and Karina, two shy girls she met on the first day.Oh and Jericho, one of the car thieves, who previousl had some ort of crush on her.

I wondere as though from the gate things were happening too quickly, especially the relationship she had with Viktor, as ell as the instant-crush some of the girl had on Christy.

I remember being super confused around chapter 20 when Viktor and " Amber " were having a conversation in the fireplace. " It 's stupid, even though I did n't get alot of sleep, it as n't hard to et up at all.

I truly need to applaud thi author for the realism she served with the fighting scenes in he tal.

So though I ha n't invested and could n't connect to majority of the protagonists, I still very much enjoyed Christy and her incredibly lovable crew.

I lso wished there woul have ha more romance between Jeremy and Christy, especially since they were crushing on each other.

But I understand Jeremy 's decision to not wis to jeopardize Christy 's job with the Division as well as the mission.

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