Household Gods

Nicole Gunther-Perrin is a modern young professional lawyer, proud of her skills but weary of the daily grind, of childcare, sexist coworkers, and her deadbeat ex-husband. Then after one exceptionally awful day, she learns to find herself in a different life, that of a widowed tavernkeeper on the Roman frontier around A.D. 170.

elighted at first, she soo egins to find that her new world is as omplicated as her old. Violence, dirt, and pain are everywhere; slavery is commonplace, gladiators kill for sport, and drunkenness is taken for granted. Yet, yet, people manage to face life everyday with humor and goodwill.

No quitter, Nicole manages to adapt, despite endless worry about the betrayal of her children " back " in the sixteent century. Then plague sweeps through Carnuntum, followed by brutal war. Amidst pain and loss on a level she had never imagined, Nicole must find a reservoir of strength she had already known before.
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Household Gods
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Published July 15th 2000 by Tor Fantasy (first published 1999

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rated it

Perhaps as ignorant as Americans tend to ome out in folklore, surely they are so that ignorant ... If you manage to get past the first half of he novel and bear with the villai, the nove itself is a good depiction of everyday life in he third century AD roman empire.

rated it

Eventually I was always excited to ead tha nove as I 'm a huge fan of time ravel.

rated it

Depressed with her job prospects, office sexism, her kids and ex-husband, and modern life in general, she agrees for a impler, less " artificial " and mor " hateful " time in which to live; but when she rrives there, she finds slavery, animals tearing people apart in the arena, pestilence ( probably smallpox), war, starvation, lice, and terrible sanitary conditions.

This main protagonist 's coping skills are admirable, generally, and her application of modern, scientific principles to solve ancient problems is good, as well ( although it does ake her an awfully long time to kno that she should boil the water).

rated it

Sounds like fun, except that Nicole Gunther-Perrin is apparently the stupidest, most uneducated lawyer that 's ever existed, and that severely diminished my enjoyment of retellin.

She 's incredibly judgmental, somewhat condescending, and arely even thinks about her children when she 's in the past.More disturbing is the implicatio that apparently Nicole has never studied ancient history.

rated it

I utterl loved discovering what life was like in a 2d century Roman frontier ( Carnuntum: Vienna) town along with the heroine who finds herself transported back in time from modern day.

rated it

Delightful and quick read -- most of it taking place in the Pannonia of Marcus Aurelius' time -- but for a beginning and ending telling how the heroine got to and from the ity of Carnuntum, which I found out actually existed, as ofte as main femal protagonis, the [ in the novel ] fuller/dyer Titus Calidius Severus, historically a former Roman soldier stationed in that area with Legion XV.

Embarrassed, angry, verwhelmed, she provide a facetious prayer that they take her to their world, somewhere " not so ... artificial, not so hateful. " The main thrust of the novella is how a 20th century woman -- fully aware of male chauvinism, modern society and all its amenities and comforts -- copes with a society so different.

We see Nicole first as an bnoxious, arrogant, self-righteous know-it-all but her experiences with this simpler time -- lice [ ugh ], mores, war, deadly pestilence [ probably measles ], rape, AND romance with the aforementioned Titus, an all-around nice guy -- cause her to reflect, empathize, and to change her attitude, once she eturns to the present.The book was dated somewhat by its references to popular culture of when it was written -- 1999.

rated it

Solo mother Nicole wished for a simpler life.image: In Los Angeles she was aving a ad time because; her husband divorced her for a younger oman, her child support checks had not arrived, her babysitter had quit, her children came down with stomach upsets, her legal firm did not find her partner, her car needed repairs, and stil she has a pimple on her chin.Whisked back in time to a city at the edge of the Roman empire by the statuettes Liber and Libera Nicole must cope with life in a simpler time.

Just what she wante for- or ha it? In the ark, quiet bedroom, on the old, old plaque, Liber turned his head and smiled at Libera.

prayer at last; a votary; a wish so strong, it had roused them from their sleep.

Liber and Libera had been all forgotten.And such an easy prayer to answer, though not – they admitted to each other – as strictly usual as most.

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