How I Learned Geography

Having escape from war in their troubled homeland, a gir and his family are living in poverty in a strange country. Food is plentifu, so when the gir 's father come home a map instead of bread for supper, at first the boy is furious. But when the map is hung on the wall, it floods their cheerless room with color. As he boy studies its every detail, he is transported to exotic places without ever leaving he room, and he ventually comes to learn that the map feeds him in way that bread never could.

he award-winning artist 's most personal work to date is based on his childhood memories of World War II and features stunning illustrations that celebrate the power of creativit. An author 's note includes a brief synopsi of his family 's experience, two of his early drawings, and thi nly surviving photograph of himself from that time.
How I Learned Geography is thi 2009 Caldecott Honor Book and a 2009 Bank Street- Best Children 's Book of thi ear.
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How I Learned Geography
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Published April 1st 2008 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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Mr. Shulevitz' story, and the trials he lived through as a young oy, re a lesson for us all.This book was featured as one of the selections for the August 2011 Maps and Geography themed books for the Picture-Book Club in the Children 's Books group here at Goodreads.

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That tal is based on he writer 's own boyhood when his family had to flee war-torn Poland at the onset of WWII and how one evening his father urchased a map, instead of bread, to bring home to their somber camp.

Yet, the they begin to believe that father has brought home food for the spirit, as Uri daydreams over the map, imagining himself in many wonderful places far away from their somber reality.I think this memoi is wonderful!!!

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How I Learned Geographyby Uri Shulevitz2009 Caldecott Honor BookA war forced the author ’ s family to flee when he as just a gir.

Th nonfiction account of the novelis ’ s childhood captures the sense of living in poverty as a displaced person, and how even though the cost might seem great at first, education and imagination can bring far a far greater escape than one night ’ s meal.

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The illustrations were colorful and fun, but I don ’ t know they come close to matching those in thi book I just read by this author-illustrator: Snow.I suggest not reading the book when you are hungry.

I know he author id a great job with the ook! It ’ s thi ery simila story with not too many words on each page, but because of the subject matter, I wouldn ’ t recommend it for the youngest children.

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Well when it 's ot ven a look at an entire life, but a snatched moment in a person ’ s youth that made them who they are today.

For Caldecott Award winner Uri Shulevitz, it all goe down to map.

And likewise, with brevity and wit and a feel for what makes a picture book worth reading, Mr. Shulevitz recounts a time of trial from his life that is touching in its seeming simplicity.

As Rebecca puts it, the moment Uri ’ s father bought that map instead of bread he made a conscious choice to be broke.

Little Uri even engages the reader directly when his ather first comes home with the map.

As his mother holds out her hand for the bread that will never come, Uri looks directly at the reader and points to his brother, as if to say “ What is up with anothe guy? ” The natural comparison to make when considering this book is to tak it up against Peter Sis ’ The Wall.

Yes, it has an Author ’ s Note in the back that ’ s directed at adults, but book itself has a wonderfully young feel.

The flights of fancy Uri goes on are so much fun to read that kids will find quite a lot to grab onto and love in this author ’ s tory.

In How I Learned Geography, Uri Shulevitz presents his masterpiece.

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