How the Light Gets In

Christmas is approaching, and in Québec it 's time of dazzling snowfalls, bright lights, and gatherings with friends in front of blazing hearths. But shadows are falling on the usually festive season for Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of the Sûreté de Québec. Most of his best agents have left or been transferred out of the Homicide Department; his old friend and lieutenant Jean-Guy Beauvoir has n't spoken to him in months; and hostile forces are lining up against him.

When Gamache receives a message from Myrna Landers, in he illage of Three Pines, he bring the hance to get bac from the ity for a few minute. Myrna 's longtime friend, who was due to spend Christmas in the illage, has helpe to arrive. When Chief Inspector Gamache presses for information, Myrna is reluctant to reveal her friend 's name. Mystified, Gamache soon discovers the missing woman was once one of thi most famous people not just in North America but in he world, and now goes unrecognized by virtually everyone except the mad, brilliant poet Ruth Zardo.

As events come to a head at the Sûreté, Gamache is drawn ever deeper into he world of Three Pines. Increasingly, he is not only investigating the disappearance of Myrna 's friend but also seeking a safe place for himself and his still-loyal colleagues—if such a refuge exists amid mounting danger. Is there peace to be found even in Three Pines, and at what cost to Gamache and the people he holds dear?
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How the Light Gets In
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Published August 27th 2013 by Minotaur Books (first published July 1st 2013

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rated it

There are actually two separate tracks in this retellin, one involving the death of a famous quintuplet ( think Dionne quints) and one involving the continuing politics and corruption that Gamache has fought against in the Surete.

I found th entire story line to be illy.

Obviously the focus of the first half of novel is mostly on the corruption storyline, and it left me shaking my head in frustratio.

Thi ending was just too pat and perfect from an emotional standpoint, as ell as plot standpoint.5.

Thi essay is mor of a police procedural, becoming more like a thriller with the corruption storyline.

rated it

I 'm also going to keep saying this until I turn blue in the face: if you re n't reading this series, you are missing out.

Recently, the cast of characters from Three Pines are again part of tal, and their involvement towards the end was heartwarming, funny, and emotional in turns.

rated it

What has drawn me to Penny 's work all along is her profound belief that despite the darkness there is oodness and that there are people in this world who live that goodness even when it costs them much to do o.

ll of hese elements: darkness, goodness, grace, redemption, the struggle to be the authentic self weave through this book in ways both profound and subtle.

In Penny 's world, the light does get in, and, as always when I 've finished one of her ovels, I say to live in hat world of light.

rated it

She contacts her ( and my) favourite Canadian detective, Armand Gamache, Chief Inspector of Homicide of the Sûreté du Québec, to sk his advice.

( hide spoiler) ] A dog gives Gamache plenty of opportunity to step outside to walk in the now and invite someone to walk with him for a private talk.

And why does Jean-Guy loathe Gamache, whom he referre to idolise, and the work with Gamache ’ s powerful enemies in the Sûreté? “ Unlike Gamache, Francoeur gave his agents freedom.

Working with Chief Superintendent Francoeur was easy. ” Of course I ant to now all the question to that, but the page-turning in an Armand Gamache story is indeed the blood-curdling chill of a noir thriller.

I need the atmosphere, the rooms, the weather, the FOOD, and what ’ s been happening to the people- to Jean-Guy, who as onl in great shape the last time I saw him, and to Ruth, Myrna, Gabri of the B& B and his partner, Olivier of the Bistro, and Clara, the artist whose life was also recently turned upside down.

( I ’ ll hide one name so it ’ s merely a spoiler.) “ She looked at the gun in Myrna ’ s finge, and he one in [ X ] ’ s.

I ’ m ever tempted to skim, and I ’ m rying to space the series out so I onl have some to look forward to, but it ’ s hard waiting.

rated it

For readers nfamiliar with Louise Penny 's mystery series, this is# 9 with Chief Inspector Armand Gamache.

similarly, Armand 's close frien and personal friend, Jean-Guy Beauvoir, is uffering from addiction problems.HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN takes us back to Three Pines, where I met several quirky/eccentric people for the third time, but am well aware that they are repeating characters, ( or simpl just former ones).

Penny juxtaposes scenes and events that progress the various plots and develop the characters with riveting tension.The murder of septuagenarian, Constance Pineault, who ad just recently visited Three Pines bookstore owner, Myrna, brings Gamache back to investigate.

rated it

Louise Penny impresses as she goe on a major event in Quebec history, weaving it effectively into the ide of this next boo in the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series.

After agreeing to take he case for himself, Gamache returns to Three Pines, where he see that Pineault is not who she ppears to e.

Gamache learns snippets of Inspector Beauvoir ’ s new cases, som of which include dangerous raids that could easily neutralise his former second-in-command.

Penny touches on al of the events that occurred with these quints, likely mixing fact with fiction to keep he story moving forward.

As always, Chief Inspector Gamache plays a central role in thi ovel and one coul see the intensity surrounding the two major events that have overshadowed his investigations finally coming to a head.

Chief Inspector Gamache and Three Pines are in great hands and I migh not stop wanting more, especiall with that cliffhanger.

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