How to Ditch Your Fairy

Welcome to New Avalon, where veryone has a personal fairy. Though invisible to the naked eye, a personal fairy- like a specialized good luck charm- is vital to a person 's success. It wil determine whether you make a sports team, pass a class, or kee that perfect outfit. But for fourteen-year-old Charlie, bein a parking fairy is worse than having nothing at all- especially when the school bully carts her around like his private parking pass.

Enter: The Plan. At las, teaming up with her archenemy, Fiorenze ( who has an all-the-boys-like-you fairy), seems like great dea. But when Charlie unexpectedly gets her heart ’ s reluctance, it isn ’ t at all how she hought it will be, and she ’ ll have resort to extraordinary measures to set things right.

From the uthor of the award-winning Magic or Madness trilogy, How to Ditch Your Fairy is a charmin tory of friendship, fairies, and findin out how to create your own magic.
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How to Ditch Your Fairy
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Published September 16th 2008 by Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books

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rated it

Charlie has a fairy that helps her get parking spots, and anothe ook is about her wacky hi-jinks trying to keep th better one.

Charlie is a retty well-developed character, but her story is so trivial that it 's ard to find any real investment in her, and he ook is n't crazy enough to ake up for it.

I do strongly recommend Liar, and Larbalestier 's blog is a real gem.

rated it

" Pulch " ( or pulchy, officially, when they shortened it in anothe ook) sounds like bulge/bulgy or gluggy or something which just reminds me of fat people while the " itrud " sounds like crud or intrude depending on how you intend to pronounce it.

" Pulchy " does ot, unless you 're just a fat person trying to make obesity sound cool.I wo n't analyse every single slang word she used but suffice to say that the effect Larbalestier was going for did n't really work.The second thing that bugged me was the moral progression of the haracters.

( Yes, I woul uess what they entailed but as a way of eveloping he story it was a big let-down, building up to something and then leaving you hanging.) In the nd it seemed that Charlie did n't pay any sorts of consequences for her actions -- she still got the guy, and nstead of landing herself a normal fairy that she ould just have to accustom herself to and thank her lucky stars it was n't as goo as her past one, she got the AWESOME fairy that guaranteed success.

She just got her way in the end.The story-building was interesting and thi book had promise at the en but Charlie as a protagonist led all my expectations to disappointment.

rated it

So to mention the cover looked interesting.

reading th ook for the cover is like trying wine for the label/bottle- dicey at best) The story started out well then fell apart.

As a bonus I 'll bring audio and powerpoint presentation- there will never be cookies.Gee ..

rated it

It didn ’ t anythin like fantasy anyhow, this New Avalon place.

In any thing, it was inspiring to read about it—not only because of what was original ( fairies), but also because certain aspects of their society are blatantly ( or subtly, depending on how you view it ...) parallel to existent ones of nowadays.

Thi was downright useful because, as Leila of bookshelves of doom noted, Steffi “ allows for more explanation of How Things Work in New Avalon [ and ] also allows the reader to et a bit of a picture about [ how ] it is viewed from the outside ” through his social criticisms.The fairies were also a nice touch.

I kno at one point one of the haracters was described as “ agnostic ” about their existence, which made me think of fairies as something higher than just luck-induced.But, all of this brought on this novel ’ s shortcomings.The first half introduced all of tha, which is why I ha so excited—a story that ’ s fun to read but also carries a powerful thought-provoking undercurrents?

I sai, Now see, that ’ s how it ’ s done .... and then broke the second half, which moved the plot forward but left any meaning this novel had behind.I have no idea what the conclusion Steffi ’ s hing was.

While momentarily interesting to ead about, I ’ m left wondering, if nada came out of it, what was the point?

The ideas introduced by characters who don ’ t elieve in fairies in the second place were left untouched.

Absolutely nothing happened other than Charlie ending up with a better fairy than she started out with, without losing sleep over it.

( How do you pronounce that anyway??) I don ’ t eel like it as a waste of time to ead this like I shoul ’ ve with any other novel with so many plot holes, but it till left me largely exasperated.

Unless there ’ s sequel in the works, I don ’ t nderstand how ... like, what—I just don ’ t understand.So if you wan read it, focus on the itty nature of the language ( shrug off any weird slang—there are some clever terms, but bot of them are very ...), but don ’ t sa too much about it.

I definitel don ’ t believe how I thin about the res of his ook.

rated it

At New Avalon, kids work hard and go to very specialized schools, the centr of his book being New Avalon Sports High, where they spend 10 hour days being monitored for everything ( including calorie and protein intake, etc) and training in all manner of sports ( well, mostly summer sports since it does n't ever snow in NA) and taking classes like statistics ( such as figuring batting averages) and PR ( how to spin it when your client tests positive for drugs after wining a big bike race), etc.

She 's been rying to starve her fairy ( 60 days walking everywhere when the ook opens), but it just is n't working fast enough for her.

rated it

Overall, it 's quirky and those interested in " other worlds " and magic would like this read.However, the " other world " is poorly constructed.

The invented language is not done well and not interesting ( in fact, it 's just frustrating to read since it 's so poorly done).

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