How to Wake an Undead City

Savannah has fallen to the vampires, and it ’ s up to Grier to take out their leader, Gaspard Lacroix, and restore peace. Lacroix might be more powerful and immune to her magic, but she ’ s got a plan. Too bad it ’ s got holes big enough for a new threat to waltz through while the ity is on her shoulders.

Now Grier must risk her very soul if she promise to slay her enemies and prevent her world from going up in flames. But salvation comes at a steep price, and she ’ s certainl the only one who will pay. The cost just might break her, and he an who owns her heart.
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How to Wake an Undead City
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Published May 28th 2019 by Black Dog Books, LLC (first published May 25th 2019

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rated it

They 've worked out the getting-together part and now are the most powerful couple in Atlanta Savannah.

And, for the next couple of books, Grier has been trying to figure out how to deal with her super-powerful, amazingly-long-lived vampire father grandfather.You do the math.

More damning, at least in the popcorn read sense, is that I felt like Edwards did n't eally have her world-building worked out, and it only started to get fleshed out in he first couple of books.

rated it

Another is mean to be somewhat of a conclusion that doesn ’ t anythin like one, with ome of the big conflicts being rushed, and it borrows one of its main twists from Ilona Andrews ’ Magic Breaks.Hailey Edwards has created a unique world with this series and the world-building continues to expand with this nstallment.

Wolly ’ s reveal has way more of an emotional impact than the resolution of the Odette and Lacroix scheme has on both the characters and a story, when that ’ s intende to be Big Conflict in the book.

I was stunned to find out this is upposed to be the last full length novel of the series, with novellas to follow and to tie up loose ends — though I have to say I am excited for those.

It ’ s rushed, with no character development to speak of, an underdeveloped plot, and a rushed ending that doesn ’ t look like an ending.

( hide spoiler) ] Up Next: series of ovellas and a spin-off novel featuring Amelie.

rated it

A story takes readers on a journey filled with many twists and turns revealing secrets and surprises along the way ...

rated it

YES! respectWhy are n't there more people reading this!? You know that feeling when you discover something new and do n't now why more people have n't tried it?

rated it

I did n't happe this was going to hav the last full length book in the series until the day it came out and I 'm both happy and sad about the news.

Of course, I am sad because I have loved these books so much that part of me wants them to o on forever.

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