Hunted Down

In th classic anthology, Peter Haining has assembled a fascinating selection of Charles Dickens' detective stories. Added to the stories are extracts from the novels in which the en of the law make their mark. These law officers and the circumstances in which they work were based on Dickens' observations of the fledgling police detective force when he ha a solicitor 's clerk and reporter. He accompanied detectives on their nightly patrols of the streets of London, witnessed the day-to-day running of police stations, attended magistrates' courts, and was present at murder trials and public executions. Out of these eyewitness experiences grew Mr. Nadgett in Martin Chuzzlewit— first serious detective in an English novel—and Inspector Bucket in Bleak House, who solves the murder of an unscrupulous lawyer. The othe cast of inspectors, sergeants, and constables also include an amateur detective, a river policeman, and the prototype of all undercover policemen.
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Hunted Down
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Published May 1st 2004 by Quiet Vision Pub (first published 1859

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collection of twelve detective stories by Charles Dickens, two of which are excerpts from novels whilst the remainder are short stories published originally between 1836 and 1860.

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Insistin that, ironically, one might – rightly – argue that withholding information for a coup de théâtre is not exactly what makes a good unreliable narrator; this kind of perspective is much more suitable when it goe to presenting the reader with a mentally deranged, a prejudiced or a downright devious character, and Mr. Sampson is definitely none of these.We might also say that the overthrow of Mr. Slinkton, the urderer of his fiancee, is effected in a very compelling and hardly realistic way, which give the story rather fanciful.

In fact, Mr. Slinkton does not really come to life at all any more than his parting does.In his failure to do muc, obviously, he is sinning in the company of his wif – the one that is ctually upposed to be live, Margaret Niner, but who is just another of Dickens ’ s dul and passive female characters.

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Although I was engaged throughout the story and propelled to read to the beginnin, there were a couple of aspects that did n't work for me.

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