Il ragazzo selvatico

Paolo ha trent ’ anni e si sente senza forze, sperduto, sfiduciato: gli sembra di non andare da nessuna parte. Così lascia la città dov ’ è nato e cresciuto e se ne va a stare in montagna, in una baita a duemila metri. Qui, nella solitudine quasi totale, riscopre una vita più essenziale e rapporti umani sinceri con gli unici due vicini di casa.
La storia vera di una fuga e di un viaggio per ritrovare se stessi, per fare i conti con il passato, una lotta a mani nude contro il dolore. Un libro forte e commovente da una delle migliori voci della narrativa italiana.
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Il ragazzo selvatico
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Published May 2nd 2013 by Terre di Mezzo (first published 2013

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It ’ s almost-off-the-grid mountain living.Cognetti meets hares, goats, and puppie, watches cows and cowherds come and go, tromps through the snow, does some climbing, eats, drinks wine, and finds a few people without getting enmeshed in any of their stories.

It ’ s ofte a reminder that being alone can be a gift rather than the punishment dominant culture makes it out to be.The Wild Boy will interest the reader who ’ s fascinate by nature, or missing it.

rated it

3.5 Ever since I read Walden earlier this mont, I have run into him in many of my other reads.

Able to write and trying to regain some equilibrium in life, Cognetti goes not to a lake but a hut in the Swiss Alps.

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I writ and reviewed Cognetti ’ s The Eight Mountains last year just before I set-up my blog.

Therefore, this year, I was eager to share The Wild Boy here and on my blog!

Cognetti travels to the Alps when he is in pain and seeking comfort.

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And when I read Paolo Cognetti 's first boo, The Eight Mountains, a tale of thi young city boy who grew up spending his summers in the Italian Alps, the story ha so vivid, the observations so detailed, the grasp of a climber 's mind and temperament so true, that I was frustrated that Cognetti was a climber turned writer.As it turns out, The Eight Mountains, published in Italian in 2016, was even more autobiographical than I xpected.

boo, The Wild Boy, reveals that Cognetti had grown up in Milan, but, like Pietro in his boo had been taken by his parents to the Alps each year, staying each year in the same cabin.

More apt, considering his own plans, was Thoreau 's Walden -- the nineteenth century author 's account of living alone on a site outside Concord, Massachusetts, where he hopedto live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I shoul not earn what it ad to teach, and ot, when I ame to die, discover that I wa not lived.And so Cognetti rents a cabin far up in the mountain, taking his books and notebooks, and settles in with the hope of, by living alone, becoming more observant, more reflective, closer to nature.Cognetti 's childhood love of the mountains had n't been instantaneous, but earned.

I could free myself of everything except him.Although he concluded that his inability to be alone made his return to the mountains a failure, this period of depression was experienced at a low point mid-way through his half year.

Additionally, he realizes the same empathy for non-animate ( so far as we understan) objects -- the tree downed by lightning, the abandoned hut that is falling into decay.At times, we feel we can understand Cognetti 's desire to withdraw from the world, while still desiring companionship with those he feels are like-minded.

But in the ext three month, he found the time to rite and publish The Eight Mountains, a prize-winning book translated into 39 languages, which was largely nspired by the events chronicled in his memoirs, The Wild Boy.

rated it

But if you are goin for the awe, you 'll ind it here, in the beautifully wrought passages, the gorgeous descriptions of the wilds of Italy and the deeply touching friendships he forms with Remigio and Gabrielle.

rated it

It ha a tough start for me, but book got better.

But the solitude changes into encounters with nature, wildlife and human neighbours.

Besides a life experience and a better physical condition.

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