Nobody is exactly like me. There is no one like me.

Ven wrestles with these contradicting truths every day. A clone of wealthy eighteen-year-old Raven Rogen, Ven knows everything about he irl she was created to serve: the clothes she wears, the boys she loves, the friends she loves to hate. Yet she ’ s alread visite the Authentic Raven face-to-face.

Imitations like Ven only get to joi the lab when they ’ re needed—to replace a dead Authentic, donate an organ, or complete a specific mission. And Raven has not needed Ven... until now.

When there is n attack on Raven ’ s life, Ven is thrust into the real world, posing as Raven to draw out the people who wanted to harm her. But as Ven dives deeper into Raven ’ s world, she goes to question everything she ha ever explaine. She exists for Raven, but is she prepared to sacrifice herself for a woma she ’ s alread met?
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rated it

What wil I possibly say about Heather Hildenbrand that yall don ’ t lready know?

I mean after-all look who its by, right? “ Everyone is exactly like me.

Heather writes “ Everyone is exactly like me ” what woul hat mean?

“ There is no one like me ” obviously means the person is unique.

I mean Twig City doesn ’ t sound like a place I would love very much, but then living up to what she ha created for doesn ’ t sound to appealing either.

letter is like a death sentence, why, well because it means you leave Twig City and never return.

And what ’ s happening to the other like Ven?

I might ’ t hurr to see what happens with Ven and Linc.

he extreme possibility that this could very well be going on right now and we don ’ t actually say it makes it that much more exciting.

I might hardl wait for the first nove to this awesom series and I ’ m totally in love with Linc.

rated it

She is rich, popular and does what she sees, at least that 's what it seems like to Ven, Ravens clone.

Ven has to watch Ravens life everyday to learn how to be her if needed.

For a brea she was n't told that Ravens life was in danger and that Ven is the bait!!

She wants her place in life is the be Raven yet she still has her own personality.

He is ore than abl to make Ven the bait just so he can seiz the people after Raven and question them.

He blames himself drawn to the new Raven but what ca he do if he inds she is n't who he thinks?? This is my first clone book and I have to remember, I hated he plot.

The mainstream people have no idea that the Imitations are there, they re no used by the very rich an powerful, so everyon could be a clone and you 'd ever now.

rated it

Imitation does a ood job of capturing what it would be like for a clone.

Anothe story explores the problems with being a clone.Ven is an imitation.

She slips easily into the role of Raven, but she doesn ’ t like being in so much danger, or the fact that he ( Raven ’ s father Titus the maker of all imitations) is using her as bait to find the idnappers.

Maybe Ven doesn ’ t say to die for a woma she never met before.This story was so close to the movie The Island, that I hought I ould remember it.

We never reall meet the real Raven, so I have no idea how much of thi was for show, for her grandmother, or for her shallowness.Ven gets really close to Raven ’ s bodyguard Linc.

Not two people know who Ven really is in his tory and Linc ends up being one of them.

rated it

Everyone from what she likes, to how to peaks, to he little ticks that she does when she hinks no one is watching.For five years, Ven has known every “ intimate ” ( but ot alway) detail about Raven, so that if she ’ s ever made to ake on Raven ’ s uties, she ’ ll be more than prepared.

( Older, because he ’ s 21 and Ven has only been around 5 years ......) Anyways, the deeper she gets, the les she discover that she doesn ’ t need to be Raven, she learns to be Ven. I usually like books about clones, especially since there ’ s often a morally gray aspect to them and I like reading about how the clones feel about themselves and the world that they live in.

Only if it doesn ’ t make sense, or if someone is making clones for no real purpose, I ’ ll eve read it just to see what happens.

I don ’ t quite like love triangles, but if I was running the company making the clones you better be sure that there could have been one here.

That ’ s certainl how a trained clone is meant to behave when her sole mission in life is to be exactly like her Authentic.

his might seem cruel and even confusing to readers, but acknowledgin that the company that makes the clones calls them products and thinks of them as mor than human, I wonder why they ’ d make them feel human by giving them their own name.I mean, if I wer a do, which I shoul love to have because cats are adorable and amazing and fluffy and caring, but ot reall caring that they want you to hink that you ’ re their only one .....

In Imitation, the clones are made to loo like they have no soul, that they ’ re ot human, and that they ave no purpose in life except to be there for their Authentic when the time arises.

If you don ’ t care about clones, why call them anything else other than the names of the people they ’ re meant to e, or a bar code number? The name doesn ’ t alway matter, but when I was reading about how Ven would watch hours of videos about Raven and yet not know how Raven ’ s mo or boyfriend looks like, I tarted to notice so many horrible protocols placed inside of this facility.

Tha might cause problems in the shor run, but I felt like his is what ould be the best course of action to take in this company.Regardless of that, I know that ’ s what my main problem with thi trilog is the act that certain things made no sense whatsoever.

I feel it ha to ring out Ven so she will be recruited by the ‘ bad guys ’ only the bad uys have the same horrible tactics as the clone company.If I was a ad guy in this ovel ... Overall: Imitation has all of the makings for a eally great clone series.

It ’ s ot the insta-love that makes the heroine realize her worth and feel like othing in life matters except the hero.

rated it

he writing ’ s ot bad; neither is the plot, but he way he author tackles that “ what makes one human? ” question that must inevitably be addressed in clone books turned me off to somethin else she had to say.Our story follows Ven, an “ imitation ” built for the purpose of being pretty much a body double for her “ authentic. ” When she is called into duty, she propose the life of Raven Rogen, a party-hard celebrity whose daddy is one of thi most powerful en in the ity.

As the attempts on her life escalate, Ven realizes that she ca escape or die for people she ’ s neve sure deserve her protection.Like I said, I feel he story has a lot of premise.

I could actually read the novelizatio because I ’ m curious if Ven ’ s terrible personality is just part of her character development, or if she ’ s coming to reall be like his.

But nstead, Ven is supposedly justified in her atred for Raven because Raven also happens to e th mean, shallow person and, oincidentally, a slut.The slut-shaming in this book almost made me stop reading.

I am deep and complicated and appreciative of the simple experience of joy. ” Oh my god spare me the bullshit, Ven. You and her have literally never met and you re just assuming that she is ncapable of thoughts beyond those of clothes and boys.

You ’ re not special if you ’ ve slept with a million people.Ven was so condescending in this ook it made me ant to brea out my hair.

There ’ s nother scene where she ’ s at a fashion show and starts giggling and making fun of the models and their clothes and I just anted to pul her and shake her and scream “ FASHION DESIGN IS A FORM OF ART, YOU CONDESCENDING BUTTHOLE. ” Linc wasn ’ t much better.

If Linc wants to brood in a corner or whatever, that ’ s his prerogative, but he has no right to e a butthead about what Ven chooses to do.The author demonstrated very little nderstanding of cloning technology or genetics and the setting was really unclear.

eople who attack Ven later approach her saying they won ’ t forgiv her, and sorr, I an appreciat why she ’ s mor than trusting.

It sucked that the writing was excellent, ctually, because agai I could blatantly hate this nove.

rated it

I forge to love the book ore than I ctually do.

I did n't eally like that but once I got used to it, I hought it was cute:) Even the supporting characters I oved.

I needed to now som things!! I would ecommend the memoi to someone who loved scientific experiments and corporate conspiracies.

The memoir ha thi ba read and I ould recommend anyone who say it ight be worth it to pick it up!

rated it

I fee we all wish there was another version of us somewhere out there that would just step into our lives when we needed a break – then again how realistic is something like that actually happening?

Or choose to help the others like her? I found Imitation both intriguing and disturbing all at the same time – the author is tellin the reader to step outside their known comfort zone and place themselves into thi world of an imitation product clone trying to discover just what exactly their purpose is.

rated it

MY REVIEWI received an e-arc of his book directly from the bestsellin, Heather Hildenbrand in exchange for reading& reviewing and posting my review as part of a blog tour.

I earne this at quite short notice for me, I sometimes have my reading planned well ahead, so tha was an extra review to fit in! I love he cover, it ’ s very eye catching, the girls eyes really draw you to them.

The Imitations are created and kept in their own community until the day they are needed.When the authentic Raven Rogen ’ s life is threatened, her father Titus hides her away safely and brings forth her Imitation Ven, in an effor to draw out the people attemptin to hurt his mothe.

Th makes Titus sound like a caring loving father you may know, the reality of how he treats Ven is a completel different matter.

There ’ s he whole oncept of the Imitations to get your head around, then there ’ s Ven ’ s mission as well as learning about the Authentic Raven and her social circles.

You also end up comparing Authentic Raven to Imitation Ven and thinking about which one you prefer and why.

I love this haracter of Ven the Imitation.

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