Immortal in Death

Eve Dallas, Roarke, Delia Peabody, Ryan Feeney, Charlotte Mira, Commander Jack Whitney, Mavis Freestone, Nadine Furst, Lawrence Charles Summerset, Leonardo ( designer), Trina ( beauty consultant), Chief Harrison Tibble, Dickie Berenski, Jake T. Casto
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Immortal in Death
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Published September 25th 2003 by Piatkus (first published 1996

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rated it

The words.

But it 's actually just words with Roarke.

rated it

Things between Eve and Roarked changed in such a raw yet endearing way.

Eve laid herself bare at Roarkes feet and it broke my heart to listen to her tell her dark story.

omeone is abl to kill for it.This author continues to do a great job with slowly building who Eve and Roarke are individually and together.

With the way that J.D. Robb left things, I needed to have that next moment with Eve and Roarke.

rated it

I also love how we just keep getting to know Eve/Roarke and all the recurring side characters better and better with every book.I have high hopes for Eve and Sommerset!

And anothe one nded right before ( view spoiler) [ the wedding ( hide spoiler) ], which I ould have hate to have " seen. " Hoping that gets covered in the first essa, but I feel doubtful.

rated it

And wil her wedding go ahead? Immortal in Death is# 3 in the In Death series and a re-read for me – and just as ood as the las time!

rated it

4.25 lieutenant stars! Another hit from Eve/Roarke! What more coul I say that hasn ’ t t been said already about this amazin series, expect that as the other previous two books I loved it.

Reading the previous books we know Eve had a really traumatic childhood we got bits of it.

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