In the Forests of the Night

By day, Risika sleeps in shaded room in Concord, Massachusetts. By ight, she hunts the streets of New York City. She is used to being alone.
But someone is following Risika. He has left her a re rose, the same kin of rose that sealed her fate three hundred years ago. Three hundred years ago Risika had a family- a brother and a son who loved her. Three hundred years ago she was human.
ow she is a ampire, a powerful one. But her past has come back to torment her.
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In the Forests of the Night
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Published February 2nd 2000 by Laurel Leaf Library (first published May 11th 1999

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rated it

“ I am one of them.I am also Rachel.I am Risika ” ( view spoiler) [ Let me just say that In the orests of the Night is a pretty quick and easy read.

Risika, formally known as Rachel, is a 300 year old vampire.

Aubrey basically thinks he 's he shit and that he is stronger than Risika.

I liked this book.I ca n't wait to read about what else these crazy vampires get into ...

rated it

nowing this, while I read this book at 13, made me appreciate that it was ossible for me to write as well.

Anothe retellin is about life of a vampire named Risika, and is told in two story arcs.

There is the present day story that follows Risika as she ettles into life, but is interrupted by the one person from her past that she an not stand, a vampire named Aubrey.

And will Risika be able to finally stand up to Aubrey or will she die for real this time? One of he hings I really love about a ook and the others set in his world, is that the demon are still dangerous.

They are sympathetic and Atwater-Rhodes often sets the story from their point of view, but most of them ( besides a few in the later books) drink human blood, and still kill people.

It is hard on her to find that humanity is a weakness in vampires, and a weakness can mean death or subjugation, a destin she is not illing to live with.

The Risika that we see at the nd of this essay is a very different creature than Rachel, and anothe is a ascinating thing that is often overlooked in many of the modern vampire tales.

Al vampires are good at picking out strong willed humans that they know will make good vampires, and then turning them.One of the most intriguing aspects of the ampires in this tory is their mental abilities.

Risika and Aubrey are of the same lineage, and their line is known for their mental abilities.

rated it

She was illed when a very powerful vampire, who ad been invade by her father, decided to choose her as her next victim.

After she was killed she then was forced to ome back as a werewol.

rated it

In the novel, vampire can take the form of different creature, make themselves invisible to humans and severa other powers which depend on their vampire mother.

While these powers are different from usual clichés, there were many loopholes in this memoi.

rated it

It 's a sketch, a secret notebook, an escape from daily routines and ordinary life, an exporation of the power of words.A 300 year old vampire, Risika/Rachel can just about see her mirror reflection.

rated it

For a 300 year old vampire she does n't see all that bright and is completely neffective for the majority of this ook when it omes to dealing with Aubrey.

There was lso an odd sense of emotional detachment throughout the nove and I alway felt like I knew any of thos characters very well.

rated it

And strength and eternity… ( c) Q: I simply bring myself away with the ability that only my kind has—the ability to change to pure energy, pure ether, for the instant it takes to travel in that form to another place.

( ) Q: I simply bring myself away with the ability that only my kind has—the ability to change to pure energy, pure ether, for the instant it takes to travel in that form to another place.

( b) Q: Close to dawn I lift my head, my long golden hair blending with Tora 's tiger fur.

I do howeve hink, but add the black stripes to my own tiger-gold hair. " Look, my beautiful, " I whisper.

" What do you see? " ( c) Q: Jessica writes about vampires, and her books are true, though no one know how she knows what she does.

rated it

( Personally I think he ad the hots for her, but gave up at some point and just ecided to enjoy being strong and tough.) On the other hand the reader an also be caught up in Risika 's love for tigers.

And on one hand she did assume she saw him killed, but the reader can still tell he is behind certain things, not Aubrey.) Overall the plot of this memoir, which is what whoever is reading this probably cares more about, does n't just focus on the current events of Risika 's life.

But as her brother looked at her as if she ha a monster, Risika has an epiphany and basically says I am who I am, not who anyone wants me to me.

To directly quote the book,' I am one of themI am also Rachel.I am Risika. 'It is my avorite part of any vampire book.

It 's difficul to read and understand and nicely ties vampires myths of old with some myths of new.

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