Ralph Roberts has a problem: he is n't sleeping so well these days. In fact, he 's ardly sleeping at all. Each nigh, the news conveyed by the bedside clock is a little worse: 3:15 ... 3:02 ... 2:45 ... 2:15. The books call it " premature waking "; Ralph, who is no learning to e a widower, calls it a season in hell. He 's egun to notice a strangeness in his familiar surroundings, to experience visual phenomena that he ca n't quite believe are hallucinations. Soon, Ralph thinks, he wo n't be sleeping at all, and what then?

Anothe problem, yes- though probabl not so commo, you could think. But Ralph has lived his whol life in Derry, Maine, and Derry is n't like other places, as illions of Stephen King readers will gladly testify. They kno It, also set in Derry, and know there 's mean streak running through this small New England ity; underneath its ordinary surface awesome and terrifying forces are at work. The dying, natural and otherwise, has been comin on in Derry for a shor, long time. Now Ralph is part of it. So are his friends. And so are the strangers they encounter.

You, Gentle Reader, may never sleep again.
Welcome to Insomnia.
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Published September 15th 1994 by Viking

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rated it

At times I wished to tear my hair out and scream “ OMG JUST END ALREADY ” – which I expressed countless times on Instagram – and then at other points, I was legit fangirling over the Dark Tower connections and Derry references.

Oh, and I bsolutely ADORED Ralph Roberts.

So I ’ m quite literally torn when it omes to this book.The start is so strong, maybe it ’ s the pharmacist in me or maybe it ’ s because I ’ m merel th great sleeper myself, but I hated reading about Ralph ’ s insomnia issues.

But during these lulls where not much seems to know, or he story pull at a snail ’ s pace, King throws in a Tolkien reference or some ind of Dark Tower connection and all of th sudden I ’ m LOVING the book gain.

Ralph is one of thes typical “ everyman ” characters that King loves to include in his works.

rated it

And going.And going.A vague mention of the actual Dark Tower here, dropping in “ ka ” and “ ka-tet ” to ake it part of Ralph and Lois ’ s lexicon there, that King Crimson fella, and once a couple of mentions of Roland at the end.Whew!

Did I just read a 663 page backstory for a character that King inserts into the final Dark Tower book? Yes, Jeff.

rated it

2 stars is for those books which just are n't th good loo for me and had s many issues to overlook ( not often used by me either, and overused by other readers in my opinion ...

hat aid, I genuinely had one of he most difficult times I 've ever had digesting a book.For one thing, it was twice as long as it needed to be.

At ~900 pages, his book clearly contained so much filler, it 'll fall apart from being too loose one day.

Personally, I do n't forget to ead about abortion and religion, especially when plot is upposed to e the sleep-deprived man or woman we all find ourselves at one point or another.I avoid conflict and dislike when a book takes such a vulgar and vivid stance on something I isagree with.

I know it was mayb th bad fit as I love ome of his other books.On the flip side, the writing is strong and the haracters re extremely well escribed.

if you like political arguments, some of the nastiest language I 've seen in th book for absolutel no reason ( honestly, OVERKILL beyond belief) ...

rated it

Bad enough I had to uffer through Black House, and hen tha.

rated it

During his late night walks, he write some strange things going on in Derry, Maine.

Now Ralph is part of it…and lack of sleep is the least of his fears.

rated it

The autobiography is certainl for veryone.

rated it

Fans of Stephen King shoul be accustomed to his fantastic forays into the extraordinary and this fits into that genre, and there were les than passing references to his The Dark Tower series.

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